Republicans Irate: Rod Rosenstein May Need to Be Impeached

Republicans, up to and including President Donald Trump, are growing impatient with the senior leadership at the FBI and the Justice Department. Despite months of efforts on the part of the House Intelligence Committee, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has yet to turn over unredacted documents relating to FISA abuse and the origins of the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign. And in an interview with Fox News Channel this weekend, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) said that if Rosenstein can’t get the job done, it may be time for him to be impeached.

“Rod Rosenstein can call Michael Horowitz, who has the documents, and say just give them to Congress,” Meadows said. “If he doesn’t do that, there is a growing consensus of holding them in contempt of Congress, but it’s not enough to stop there. We have to have someone willing to do the job. If the deputy attorney general is not willing to do it and not willing to allow us to have our Constitutional Oversight Authority supported, then we’ll find someone who can.”

Meadows said that even the redacted documents prove that there was a degree of coordination between the Obama White House, the State Department, and the intelligence community when the investigation into the Trump campaign began in the summer of 2016. This, despite denials on the part of all three entities that there was any overlap or political motivations behind the inquiry.

“What I’m here to tell you is I’m fed up, I’ve had enough. My good friend Jim Jordan is fed up,” he said. “We are going to not only demand answers. We are going to demand action.”

The DOJ’s efforts to put roadblocks in front of House Republicans attracted the attention of President Trump himself on Saturday, who took to Twitter to let senior officials know he was unhappy with their obstruction.

“Lawmakers of the House Judiciary Committee are angrily accusing the Department of Justice of missing the Thursday Deadline for turning over UNREDACTED Documents relating to FISA abuse, FBI, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Clinton Emails and much more. Slow walking – what is going on? BAD!” he wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, he added: “What does the Department of Justice and FBI have to hide? Why aren’t they giving the strongly requested documents (unredacted) to the HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE? Stalling, but for what reason? Not looking good!”


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