Republicans Uncover “More Evidence of Political Bias” Inside FBI

According to both Rep. Mark Meadows and Sen. Chuck Grassley, investigators on Capitol Hill have uncovered even more evidence that the FBI was teeming with political bias during the 2016 presidential campaign – bias that may have led the Obama DOJ to go easy on Hillary Clinton and run roughshod over the Constitution in their zeal to take down Donald Trump.

“Oh, there is more evidence of political bias,” Meadows said in an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday. “We’ve got some additional emails and some additional text messages in the last four or five days.”

Grassley said that Americans should prepare themselves for yet another explosive round of revelations about the witch hunt that continues to this day in the form of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“There’s going to be more news coming out that would say that this has been political bias against President Trump,” the senator claimed.

It’s not clear yet what the Republicans are specifically talking about, but it very well may center around FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, both of whom were due to testify on Capitol Hill this week. Page actually pulled out of her obligatory testimony at the last minute, claiming she did not have enough time to prepare for the questioning. Apparently it came as a surprise to Page, whose texts with Strzok have exposed both of their anti-Trump biases, that she might need to testify before lawmakers. If, that is, we’re actually to accept her excuse at face value.

As for Meadows, he definitely does not. “I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt this morning until I called DOJ,” he said. “She has had seven months to prepare because we started initially asking her to come in in December of 2017. Secondly, she wasn’t even going to be prepared. FBI reached out to her counsel to say, you may want to come in and review some of these documents. And then the third thing is actually she reviewed documents yesterday at 3:45. The only thing she didn’t review was top-secret documents that we didn’t anticipate any questions arising from that anyway.”

Meadows said that Page would either appear before Congress by the end of the week or face a charge of contempt, at which point she would be subject to prosecution.

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