Residents Fleeing Democrat-Run States to Escape Taxes and Poor Job Growth

The American economy has not seen a boom like this in many a year, but the effects have been mitigated in some states due to heavy-handed government policies that prevent growth from taking root. In those states, managed one and all by Democrats, people are fleeing in record numbers to go to red states where the economic climate is much more friendly. According to new U.S. Census Bureau numbers, two of the nation’s biggest Democrat-run states – Illinois and California – saw sharp population declines last year. Simultaneously, Texas and Florida – both under Republican control – have seen their populations skyrocket.

Between July 2017 and July 2018, New York lost more than 48,000 residents. During the same period, Illinois saw 45,000 flee.

“It’s taxes,” said former Illinois resident Mary Miller, explaining to the Chicago Tribune why she moved to Florida. “It’s corruption. It’s politics. And I don’t mean Republicans or Democrats. It’s all of them.”

While Miller may be able to take a non-partisan view of the situation – and we’ll grant the fact that there’s plenty of corruption in the Republican Party – there’s no way to cite a reason like “taxes” and say that it’s not a Democrat thing. Taxes are what the Democratic Party stands for above all else, and residents in New York, California, and other left-wing hotspots are starting to feel the pinch.

That goes double for rural residents in those states who are being punished by the silly initiatives cooked up in the metro areas. What works in Los Angeles doesn’t necessarily work in Temecula. What works in NYC doesn’t necessarily work upstate. But as long as those major metropolitan cities call the shots, the Democrats in office are unlikely to care much about what’s happening to their state as a whole. Hell, half of them seem to constantly have their eye on Washington, anyway. Especially during the Trump era.

But as we said, Blue State America’s loss is Red State America’s gain, as can be seen from Texas and Florida. The Lone Star State added nearly 400,000 people to the population rolls last year and the Sunshine State saw more than 322,000 flock south. The longtime residents of those states will undoubtedly have much to complain about, given the expanding growth, but it is an economic certainty that you are either growing…or dying. So it is a very good thing in the long run that these states continue to see their populations expand.

As for the Democrat-run dystopias? Well, the people who want to keep living there are either eventually going to get the message, or they are going to watch their cities and towns follow places like Detroit down the drain and into obsolescence.

But as long as the politicians continue to fail upwards towards D.C., they won’t change a thing.

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