Romney Gives Up Trying to Stop Donald Trump

According to CNN, Mitt Romney is abandoning his search for a third-party candidate to run against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. After launching a withering attack on Trump in the primaries, Romney became one of the chief figureheads of the NeverTrump movement. While other Republicans were looking to unite behind the presumptive nominee, Romney – along with Bill Kristol, Erick Erickson, and others – went looking for an independent candidate.

As it looks now, though, that effort has been about as successful as the effort to keep Trump away from the nomination. Not only do prospective candidates recognize how difficult it would be to launch a significant third-party bid this late in the game, they recognize that it would have only one possible outcome: the election of President Hillary Clinton. Romney may be fine with that, but many conservatives are not.

From CNN:

A list of prospects that include Sasse, Romney, former Marine Gen. James Mattis, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have all publicly said they’re not willing to launch campaigns at this stage.

Erickson, a conservative blogger best known for, did not take the news of Romney’s surrender well. In a short post last week, he said that not only should Romney keep trying to thwart Trump – he may just be the man to do it.

“I opposed Romney in 2008 and 2012, but I think the time has come for Mitt Romney,” he wrote. “No one wants to vote for a candidate because they are against the other candidate. People want to vote for a candidate because they like that candidate.”

Uh-huh. Something tells us Erickson fared poorly on those SAT questions where you have to reach logical conclusions from a couple of given statements. In his world, this makes sense:

I want a candidate I like.

I do not like Trump. I do not like Clinton.

I also do not like Romney.

Therefore, the time has come for Romney.

But that’s fine. We’re nearing the point where these people don’t matter, if they ever did. When NeverTrump was building up plans to get Ted Cruz rolling with a big win in Indiana, they seemed to have a great deal of potential. But it failed miserably, and now this movement has become a bad joke. Romney seems to have realized that, even if he was late getting there. The rest of them might want to take the hint before they ruin their careers in a delusional hunt for an alternate universe.

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