Sanctuary Policies are Letting Dangerous Gang Members Escape Justice

In response to Senate questions on the rise of MS-13, the Department of Homeland Security just released new statistics that will chill the blood of anyone who wants a safer America. According to the stats, sanctuary policies in states like California and elsewhere have led directly to the release and escape of dozens of dangerous gang members, many of whom belonged to the aforementioned violent group. No doubt, as the Justice Department prepares to wage legal war against California for their newly-passed law, these statistics will be presented at court.

Between October 2016 and June 2017, sanctuary jurisdictions refused to honor detainer requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 142 cases in which suspected gang members were in local custody. In their response to questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee, DHS officials admitted that even these horrifying numbers may not reflect the true damage done by these insane policies.

“Because ICE often determines gang affiliation through interviews, ICE cannot speculate about the number of times it was denied access to an alien in the custody of state or local authorities who may have had such an affiliation,” officials said.

They can say, however, that at least fifteen of the released suspects were members of the Central American MS-13 gang, whose eradication the Trump administration has vigorously pursued. One of the most violent gangs currently operating inside the United States, MS-13 is known to thrive on the membership of illegal immigrants.

It boggles the mind to know that people like California Gov. Jerry Brown – fully aware of statistics like this and fully aware of what his sanctuary policies are doing to this country – can stand up in front of a microphone and claim to be doing the right thing. It is utterly baffling that there are people like Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf who can actually look at themselves in the mirror at night and feel good about actively thwarting our nation’s law enforcement officers on behalf of illegal immigrant criminals who will victimize American citizens. Have these people absolutely no shame at all? No soul? Or is it just that they have nothing in between their ears?

We’ve long predicted that the extremist policies of the Democratic Party would come back to bite them on this issue, and we’re starting to see the first signs of that backlash pop up in California. Several cities and counties have now voted to either exempt themselves from the state’s sanctuary policies or sign on to the DOJ’s lawsuit against Sacramento. The people, quite plainly, have seen enough. And not a moment too soon.


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