Sen. Chuck Grassley is on a Mission to Save the Republic

We’ll just say it outright: Thank God for Senator Chuck Grassley and a small number of Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Without their steadfast commitment to the truth, there is no telling what the Democrats and weak-willed Republican jellyfish would do to this presidency and to the republic he was elected to lead. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley has proven that he is willing to ignore the talking heads in the mainstream media, ignore the columnists at the New York Times, and ignore all of the country-club Washington elite telling him that he’s throwing his reputation away. Why? Because Grassley is interested in the TRUTH, and he’s a patriot – a rare bird indeed in the nation’s capital.

This week, Sen. Grassley and Sen. Lindsey Graham sent a collection of letters to the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary for America, Donna Brazile, John Podesta, and HFA chief strategist Joel Benenson. In those letters, the lawmakers are delving beyond the establishment’s self-serving narrative about how THE RUSSIANS HACKED DEMOCRACY and into the subtler, more believable ways in which the Democratic Party used that narrative to upend the Trump presidency. With, first and foremost, the use of a highly-suspicious, thinly-sourced document that’s come to be known as the “dossier.”

One of the letters, sent to the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, was released to the public via the law firm of Perkins Coie – the very firm that paid Fusion GPS for the opposition research that resulted in the Trump/Russia dossier. In it, we get a glimpse of the hard-hitting questions that Grassley wants Democrats to answer.

“Prior to the Washington Post’s article in October of 2017, who at the DNC was aware of Mr. Steele’s efforts on behalf of the DNC to compile and distribute allegations about Mr. Trump and the Russian government?” Grassley asks in the letter.

“Did anyone at the DNC receive copies of any of the memoranda comprising Mr. Steele’s dossier prior to its publication by Buzzfeed in January of 2017?” reads another question.

The questions proceed in this fashion; Grassley and Graham attempting to understand the Democrats’ relationship to the dossier, where they distributed it, and to whom they leaked its contents. This is the groundwork. This is the nitty-gritty, detail stuff that forms the basis of a good investigation.

It will, almost certainly, be ignored by each and every one of the letter’s recipients.

We continue to believe, much like the Democrats, that we are on the precipice of uncovering one of the most damning political scandals in the history of this country. We just don’t think it’s the one the Democrats want us to believe in.

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