Sessions on Child Migrant Situation: We’re Just Enforcing the Law

In an interview with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the liberal media hullaballoo about the child migrant separation situation at the border was much ado about nothing. In a week where everyone from DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to the president himself have been forced to defend the zero tolerance policies at the border, Sessions said that the Obama administration should shoulder their portion of the blame.

“We have watched what happened with the Obama policies, and over years, we went from 15,000 illegal entries to 75,000 — this is a huge loophole in our system that’s attracting more and more people, as more and more people understand that, under previous policies, if they enter the country unlawfully, that nothing will happen,” Sessions said.

Sessions told Ingraham that it was a myth that children were being abused or detained in inhuman, “concentration camp” type conditions; like Nielsen, he said that the administration spared no expense when it came to caring for these immigrant children.

“We are taking care of these children,” he said. “They are not being abused. We’ve had a big surge of families bringing children or some adults bringing children with them.”

He said that Democrats who were using the situation to compare the Trump administration to the regime of Adolf Hitler were not helping anything.

“We need to be rational and thoughtful,” Sessions said, apparently forgetting whom it was he was talking about. “In Nazi Germany, they were keeping the Jews from leaving the country.”

Not sure that was the best response, but we can’t come down on Sessions too much here. The media onslaught over these child separations has been extreme, even for Trump’s detractors. Administration officials are being put in rhetorical positions where there really is no good answer for some of these questions. This is basically a political trap for which the only good response is silence…and even that may not be the right course of action. What Sessions said next, though, was all that really needs to be said.

“Fundamentally, we are enforcing the law. Hopefully, people will get the message and not break across the border unlawfully,” he concluded.

We’re not sure how much longer this zero tolerance policy is going to be able to withstand the tremendous political pressure against it. Even many Republicans who are sure-fire, on point defenders of President Trump have turned against him on this one. Logic flies out the window when you have recordings of children crying out for their parents – that’s just plain human nature, and no argument is going to matter. The idea that Democrats are going to cave in and vote for the wall…well, that’s pure fantasy. They know all too well the value of these images when it comes to winning in November; they aren’t about to give that advantage up in the name of doing the right thing.

Not when they have the entire world media pointing the finger at Trump.

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