Sheriff to Hillary: Your Black Pandering is “Embarrassing”

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, one of the most prominent African-American conservatives in the country thanks to his frequent appearances on Fox News, lambasted Hillary Clinton this week for pandering to black voters. In a memorable interview with Fox & Friends Wednesday, Sheriff Clarke said Clinton had gone too far with her hot sauce remarks on a radio show last week.

Asked by the black hosts what she always carried in her purse, Clinton said, “Hot sauce.” Immediately, the host noted that she would be accused of pandering with that answer, to which Clinton jokingly responded, “Is it working?”

Apparently unable to discern that this was a dead-end street, Clinton went on to try to make it sound as though she had an ongoing love affair with the sauce. “No, seriously. I’ve been eating a lot of hot sauce. Raw peppers and hot sauce. I think it keeps my immune system strong. Hot sauce is good for you.”

Calling her remarks “dehumanizing,” “embarrassing,” and “disgusting,” Clarke said Clinton might as well have been more explicit in her cynical exploitation of black voters. “I’m surprised she didn’t say watermelon, just go all the way!”

Clarke then mentioned the obvious – that Hillary can get away with things that others can’t. “If any other candidate were to say something like that some stereotype about black people, it would derail their campaign but the rules seem to be different for the Clintons,” Clarke said.

Clarke predicted that black people wouldn’t fall for Clinton’s pandering, but the Democratic primary results have shown otherwise. She is crushing Bernie Sanders among black voters, even though she has been unable to drum up even the slightest enthusiasm among whites. Far worse than her sporadic southern accents and her condiments is her ridiculous “I’m just like Obama” messaging. As though President Obama has done one thing to improve life for black Americans.

Not that Sanders would be any better. As long as liberals are calling the shots in Washington and in most of our major metropolitan cities, many blacks will be permanently trapped in a cycle of poverty and government dependence. If Democrats were told to teach a child how to ride a bike, you would come back in a year to find fifteen extra training wheels on the bike, a child covered from head to toe in padding, and a special track made entirely of Nerf. The kid won’t ever learn to ride under these conditions, but at least they aren’t getting hurt…

Only difference being that there isn’t enough Nerf in the world to keep blacks from being hurt under Democratic policies.

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