Sickening UK Attack Shows Why We Need Trump’s Travel Ban RIGHT NOW

On Sean Hannity’s program Monday night, Jay Sekulow, an attorney for the American Center for Law and Justice, said he would love to hear from those liberals who still think President Trump’s Middle Eastern travel ban is an awful, unconstitutional idea. In the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack that killed at least 22 young people at an Ariana Grande concert, Sekulow said there was no reason whatsoever that anyone should stand in the way of the temporary moratorium.

“Anyone want to argue we shouldn’t have an executive order restricting who’s coming into the country so we know who these people are?” Sekulow asked. “Anyone want to argue that case tonight? I’d like to take on that argument.”

There are, of course, plenty of people still willing to make it. In the hours after the attack, social media sites like Twitter were crawling with idiots who decided that the IMPORTANT thing to remember at a time like this was the evil of Islamophobia. You have to wonder if these nincompoops have a truly empathetic bone in their bodies. They play the role of the caring, the tearful, the eternally aggrieved justice warrior, but do they really care? Have they considered, even for a moment, what it would be like to have been in that concert hall? To have been a parent whose child was attending the concert? To have spent hours frantically wondering if their loved ones were all right?

Or is their concern purely for show?

We can argue about whether or not Donald Trump has been a perfect president or whether he has done everything we wish he’d done in his first 100 some-odd days in the White House. But it’s at a time like this when we are so grateful to have elected him instead of Hillary Clinton. Because Hillary would have been out there on television parroting the same nonsense as all of those fools on Twitter – the same nonsense we heard over and over again from Obama. Oh, let’s remember that this has nothing to do with Islam. Oh, our country was created by Muslims. Oh, the world would be a bleak place indeed without the glorious religion that is the Islamic faith. Woe be unto anyone who says otherwise!

No, from Trump we heard no such BS, and that’s a huge step forward. Islam as a whole may not be to blame for Monday night’s terrorist attack, but we cannot afford to keep playing this silly game where we pretend one has nothing to do with the other. And we can’t afford to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that Yemen and Libya and Iran are filled with nothing but peaceful, freedom-loving travelers who deserve to vacation in the U.S. We have to make some difficult, unpopular choices, and we have to make them right now.

The alternative is unacceptable.

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