Speaker to Christians: Embrace Black Lives Matter

Biola University, an evangelical Christian college in Los Angeles, invited Rev. Christena Cleveland to speak at their March 24th conference, and what she said drew harsh criticism from some of the attendees. In a speech that encouraged Christians to drop their hostilities and “see God” in their enemies, Cleveland said there was nothing to fear in a diverse America. In fact, she went further, delivering a speech that at times sounded like an argument for socialism.

“Fear and hostility are something you naturally do when you’re faced with ambiguity, when you’re competing over scarce resources,” she told the audience.

Cleveland said this was why many Christians were opposed to immigration. “When things are going well economically, unemployment rates are low, and everyone feels secure, people more or less have really favorable attitudes toward immigration,” she said. “But when unemployment is high, when resources are scarce, all of a sudden you see that hostility, ‘don’t let anybody in. They’re gonna take our jobs.’ There is so much fear.”

Clearly, we need to get rid of an economic framework that includes scarcity and move to one where everyone can have all of the same stuff – no one is poor, no one is rich, and everyone works together in magical harmony. Because that works so well every time it is tried.

Cleveland also said that Christians should embrace the Black Lives Matter movement. “As the United States has changed, a little bit, we have the first black president, we have young, educated black students who’ve benefited from affirmative action and historically black colleges who are leading a very powerful movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, have a voice in our society in ways they haven’t before, and what’s the response? More often than not it’s hostility,” she said. “It’s ‘I’m not going to listen.’ It’s fear.”

Right, but you can use this kind of argument for almost anything. That’s exactly the kind of thing you hear from the far left. A black person said it, so we have to give it the stamp of truth (unless that black person is a conservative). If you are pushing back, it’s because you’re either racist or afraid. It can’t be because you have a legitimate counterpoint. Minorities are always right. Deal with it, white boy.

Christian speakers can’t be blamed for preaching a message of tolerance and love, but it’s not acceptable to assume that people are hostile, racist, and afraid when they espouse conservative views. This country was founded on Christian principles, common sense, and freedom. Those are under daily, constant assault by the leftists Cleveland is defending. Opposing BLM does not make you racist; it means you understand the difference between fact and fantasy. Opposing mass immigration does not make you xenophobic; it means you understand that without assimilation, we will lose our culture and without laws, we will lose our country.

If that’s not Christian enough for some, well…you know what they say about opinions.

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