Spicer: Let’s Hear Less About Russia, More About Hillary

Sean Spicer, who has been tapped as Donald Trump’s White House communications director, said Sunday that there was a political motivation behind President Obama’s recent sanctions against Russia. In an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” the RNC official said he’d like people to remember not just that the Democratic National Committee was hacked but also the revelations that came through those hacks.

“Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t,” Spicer said when asked if Obama’s actions were driven by partisan concerns. “China took over a million records. And a White House statement wasn’t even issued. So there is a question about whether there’s a political retribution here versus a diplomatic response.”

Spicer said that no one was willing to consider the possibility that the Obama administration was overstating their case against the Kremlin.

“Everyone in the media wants to jump forward and make a conclusion based off anonymous sources that are coming out of the intelligence community,” Spicer said.

He said that accusing Russia of meddling in the election was a convenient way to overlook the misdeeds of the Democrats.

“When are we going to start talking about the other side of this?” Spicer asked. “Which is: What did Hillary Clinton do to influence the election? Is she being punished in any way? Why aren’t we talking about Hillary Clinton getting debate questions ahead of time? That’s a pretty valid attempt to influence an election.”

He said that the story would have been a lot different had the parties been reversed.

“I can tell you this, if my boss at the time, Reince Priebus, had gotten the debate questions, and handed them off, he would have been driven out of this town on a stake, and Donald Trump would have been vilified,” he said.

Does anyone have the slightest doubt about that?

When it comes to foreign policy, President Obama does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. His eight years in office have been characterized by one bungled disaster after another. His mangled approach to Syria nearly put the U.S. on a collision course with Russia, and that’s only one of many terrible, dangerous decisions this president has made. Now we’re supposed to simply trust him? Now we’re supposed to believe that Trump is the one who doesn’t “get it?”

Maybe the Russians were behind the hacks. But they didn’t write the emails. They didn’t force Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton to cheat in the Democratic primaries. They didn’t tell Hillary to give speeches promoting “open borders.” If the hacks influenced the election, it was due to the content of the emails – not the hacks themselves. Democrats got caught and they’re trying to do anything they can to divert attention from their sins.

Even if it means imperiling billions of innocent people.

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