St. Louis Erupts in Violent Riots After Lawful, Sensible Verdict

More than 80 people were arrested Sunday night in St. Louis as protests over a sensible, lawful police shooting verdict gave way to mayhem. Hordes of violent, uncontrollable loons – not a one of them intelligent enough to understand the particulars of the justice system, we’re quite certain – decided to riot in the apparent hope that destruction would somehow right the “wrong” that was done to a local drug dealer/ne’er-do-well.

In an utterly unsurprising twist, the mainstream media managed to make it sound like the violent chaos was only one teensy-tiny part of the overall situation. In the ABC News article about the riots, here are some of the choice phrases they used to describe the scene:

“…another day of peaceful protests over a former police officer’s acquittal in the killing of a black man.”

“Another peaceful demonstration was expected Monday.”

“…then marched without trouble through downtown St. Louis…”

“By nightfall, most had gone home.”

“The majority of demonstrators, though angry, are law-abiding. But as the night wears on, a subsection emerges, a different crowd more willing to confront police, sometimes to the point of clashes.”

“…While change can come through peaceful protests, such as those led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., years of oppression has caused some to turn violent.”

“State Rep. Bruce Franks, a Democrat who has participated in the peaceful protests, said those behind the violence ‘are not protesters.'”

It’s absolutely fascinating. When hundreds of protesters show up to Charlottesville and ONE PERSON does something heinous, Congress sends a bill of condemnation to the president’s desk. When anti-police demonstrators in a predominately-black city lose their minds (again), well, it’s just this small sub-section of a sub-section of “agitators,” don’t you know? And even they…well…they have their reasons, right? Sure, sure. “Oppression.” Uh-huh.

ABC News even found room for this bit of victim-blaming: “Many protesters believe police provoked demonstrators by showing up in riot gear and armored vehicles.” See, everything would have been just fine if those damn dirty cops hadn’t shown up with their evil weapons of white supremacy! What were these peaceful protesters supposed to do in the face of such overwhelming fear? Just sit there and take it? But what about slavery???

It’s clear that the media has learned nothing from their astonishingly-deceitful coverage of the original Black Lives Matter insurgency. They continue to give these criminals the moral high ground and they continue to tell baldfaced lies about the “justice” these thugs are supposedly seeking. In an effort to avoid any appearance of racism, they have become the biggest perpetrators of a racist lie: That U.S. police are hunting down innocent black men and killing them with impunity.


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