Students Ask University to Declare Itself a Sanctuary School

Student organizations at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale are asking officials to turn the campus into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and their families. With their eyes on the incoming Trump administration, student leaders at SIU want school administrators to “begin immediately” taking steps to protect the undocumented immigrants who attend the college.

In a letter to the SIU Carbondale administration last month, student government leaders said that Trump’s immigration plans would have a direct impact on the campus.

“These policy decisions will break up families and tear apart the fabric of our community,” the letter read. “In light of this, we demand an unequivocal public declaration of our university’s support for and protection of DACA students, undocumented students, those students who are at risk of losing their documented status, and their families on our campus.”

In the letter, the student leaders asked the administration to preclude officials from reporting undocumented students to federal authorities or complying with federal deportation demands. They are also asking the university to continue giving DACA students all of the benefits related to that order, regardless of whether or not President Trump opts to continue the program.

Brad Colwell, SIU Carbondale’s interim chancellor, responded to the letter with some lukewarm assurances that seemed to recognize the reality of the situation.

“The concept of a sanctuary campus is complex and brings with it a number of legal questions,” he wrote. “We do not want to go forward in a way that has unintended consequences for the university and all of its students.”

Colwell said it was difficult to make any promises without knowing how they would affect the university’s funding. He said that declaring SIU Carbondale a sanctuary campus could cost the school its federal student financial aid.

“The university is exploring these questions and staying attuned to what is happening at other institutions in Illinois and across the country,” he wrote.

You can already see the madness that led to the campus protests of 2015 start to creep into a new cause for young liberal students across the country. Then, it was the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, it’s going to be about illegal immigrants. Tomorrow, it will be something else.

It’s not unusual for young students to rally around some kind of leftist cause, but hopefully school officials will not let this insanity cause problems just for the sake of gratifying these bored millennials. Let the adults handle this, kids.

On second thought…the adults got us into this mess to begin with. Okay, scratch that.

Let TRUMP handle this, kids. It’s better that way.



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