Student’s Future at Risk Because He Said There Were Only Two Genders

A student on the verge of graduation at Indiana University of Pennsylvania has had his future endangered by a religious studies professor who banned him from the classroom after he offered the insane, bigoted, ridiculous position that there are…only two genders. Yes, Lake Ingle came face to face with the left’s new culture of intolerance when he opined during a class discussion that there were females, males, and that’s all. Backed up by science – but not by the wave of LGBT propaganda that has half of America confused silly – Ingle was barred from the class, which could make it impossible for him to graduate on time.

“Later this week I will be defending myself and my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS in front of the Academic Integrity Board of the Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania against allegations of Classroom Conduct violations,” Ingle wrote on Facebook. “I am fighting to make my voice heard. Not only my voice, but the voices of others that oppose popular university opinion.”

Ingle said that this wasn’t about the LGBT agenda.

“This is not transgender, woman’s rights, or wage issue,” he said. “This is about free speech and the constant misuse of intellectual power in universities.”

The trouble for Ingle began on February 28, when his class was subjected to a Paula Stone TED talk. Stone is a transgender individual who gave a speech about “male privilege,” sexism, and all the rest of the pet peeves the left likes to wallow in like a pool filled with gold coins. After the video, Ingle’s professor asked for input from only the women in the class. After some time, Ingle spoke up to “point out the official view of biologists who claim there are only two biological genders.” He also used his time to refute the idea of a gender wage gap, another left-wing myth that millions unwittingly buy into.

A day later, Ingle’s instructor handed him a form requiring him to apologize to the class and renounce his views on “the validity of trans identity and experience.”

Ingle has refused to give in and is taking his case to the academic review board for further review. If he loses the case, he will either have to submit to the professor’s will or graduate late. He said that whatever happens, it won’t be the former.

“With regards to my conflict with the university and instructor, I am fighting to make my voice heard. Not only my voice, but the voices of others that oppose popular university opinion,” he told Campus Reform. “I am not battling my professor to prove that I am right about gender wage gaps or transgenderism, I am fighting to ensure that students may disagree with their professors and if they do, must speak up.”

In a Brave New World, it’s good to know there are still some truly courageous students willing to stand up and fight against the onslaught of propaganda being thrown at them. It is the only way we will ever clean our college campuses of this inane nonsense.

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