Study Demolishes the Left’s Big Lie About Voter ID Laws

Only a week ago, Georgia election loser Stacey Abrams was telling Democratic National Committee supporters that “voter suppression is legal in the United States today” and is to blame for her loss to Gov. Brian Kemp.

Abrams’ message was the continuation of what has become a rallying point in Democrat circles, which is to blame voter ID laws and other attempts to keep our elections secure for oppressing minorities and preventing black voters from having their say at the ballot box. This point has been championed by groups like the ACLU, which has said that “voter ID laws deprive many voters of their right to vote.” We are made to understand that minorities face extreme difficulties when obtaining a government-issued ID card, though it’s never quite made clear why that should be the case.

Instead of proving conclusively that this argument has any merit, Democrats have relied on the flip-side of the argument, insisting that there is no evidence that voter fraud even occurs, much less that requiring ID does anything to stop it. In 2017, the Trump administration embarked on the first widespread federal effort to study the issue, but they were met with overwhelming resistance from both the Democratic Party and state governments. Ultimately, the task force was disbanded, leaving us no further along in terms of information that could help us determine the best way forward.

Thankfully, the federal government is not the only entity capable of carrying out such a study.

This week, the National Bureau of Economic Research published a new paper based on their review of 1.3 data points on U.S. voting from 2008 to 2013. Their findings: That voter ID laws “have no negative effect on registration or turnout, overall or for any group defined by race, gender, age, or party affiliation.” One study does not necessarily mean the subject is closed, but this is as close as we have come to being able to say that the Democrats are peddling fake news when they say that voter ID laws keep minorities from voting.

Now…do they keep illegal immigrants from voting? Do they keep people who are ineligible to vote from voting? Do they keep people from voting multiple times in a single election? These questions are left open, and they give you a small hint as to why the Democrats fight so hard to keep state governments from implementing these laws. How can you steal elections when there are guards at every vault?

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