Swing-District Democrats Not Convinced That Impeachment is a Good Idea

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to believe – quite rightly, no doubt – that Democrats would be making the political mistake of a lifetime by moving forward with the impeachment of Donald Trump. She sees the polls, and she understands that the country is simply not there. She further understands that impeachment proceedings will do absolutely nothing for the Democrats’ ability to take Obama/Trump swing voters back in the next election. Finally, she can see the clear end to this story waiting in the Senate, where there is absolutely no chance whatsoever of Trump being convicted on articles of impeachment.

But Pelosi’s political instincts don’t sit well with the rabid Democrats in her caucus, many of whom are safely ensconced in districts that would sooner elect a dog than a Republican. They have no fear of the impeachment process crashing and burning (as it undoubtedly will). They only fear getting kicked out of office by a Democrat even more vicious and insane than themselves. Unfortunately for them, if they can’t get moderate, swing-district House lawmakers on board, they won’t have a chance of convincing Pelosi.

And so far, according to The Hill, those vulnerable House Dems aren’t budging.

“Even as a majority of the House Democratic Caucus backs impeachment, many of the ‘majority makers’ in swing districts have stayed on the sidelines,” reports The Hill. “Only 13 of the 55 Democrats on the House GOP campaign arm’s 2020 target list publicly back an impeachment inquiry. And just two of the 31 House Democrats in districts carried by President Trump in 2016 back one: Reps. Chris Pappas (N.H.) and Lauren Underwood (Ill.).

“Impeachment advocates have been pressing Democratic Reps. Conor Lamb (Pa.), Josh Gottheimer (N.J.), Andy Kim (N.J.), Colin Allred (Texas), Mikie Sherrill (N.J.) and others representing swing districts at events in recent weeks, but so far none of them have come out in favor of impeachment,” the Hill notes.

Not only are these reluctant Democrats resisting pressure from the likes of Jerrold Nadler and friends, they are also beating back the #Resistance nutjobs who come out to town halls to let their foaming mouths flow free.

“I know that you’re angry and upset,” Rep. Kim told her angry constituents in early August. “I understand that. But I want to make sure we understand that oversight or impeachment are not going to wish away a lot of the problems that we face.”

Yes, but when most of your constituents have been brainwashed by the media – both mainstream and social – to believe that Trump is a unique form of EVIL, they DO believe that impeachment is the end-all, be-all of solutions.

As for us, we continue to hope that the impeachment crowd gets their way. Nothing would do more to ensure Trump’s re-election.

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