The Three Obama Policies Certain to Be Erased by President Trump

Millions of Americans are counting on Donald Trump to live up to his campaign pledges, but Trump – like every other candidate in history – will undoubtedly find it easier to make promises than to keep them. It remains to be seen if some of them will be accomplished or even pursued, though a Republican majority on Capitol Hill will give Trump a better chance of success than most presidents get.

Trump represents an opportunity to do away with some of President Obama’s worst policies. Not all of them will be laid to waste, but a few of them are now living on borrowed time. Here are the three policies that are almost certainly headed for the graveyard.


The Affordable Care Act was probably not long for this world regardless of who won the election. It is getting ready to collapse all by itself, unable to sustain solvency in a market where only the sick are signing up for health insurance. Under Hillary Clinton’s presidency, though, we would have gone from Obamacare to something worse – more government intervention and less customer choice. Under Trump and the Republicans, we will hopefully see the return of free market principles that ease the burden on business owners without leaving millions of Americans unable to find insurance.

Judge Merrick Garland

President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court isn’t exactly a “policy,” but Merrick Garland’s chances of being confirmed to the bench just went from 10% to zero. Some conservatives are wary about Trump’s commitment to choosing right-leaning Justices, but one thing is certain: His choice for replacing Antonin Scalia will be a hell of a lot better than the one Hillary would have made. Even if Trump turns out to be the worst Republican president of all time, it will have been worth it if he comes through on the Supreme Court.

Mass Amnesty

Liberals, and even some conservatives, are now saying that Trump probably won’t build the wall that has been the most striking symbol of his campaign. We say those skeptics are deluding themselves. If he does nothing else, Trump is building that wall.

But even if he doesn’t, the days of our lax immigration enforcement policies are over. Kiss DACA goodbye. Trump is unlikely to pursue mass deportations, but he’s going to put a decisive end to our dangerous slide towards amnesty and open borders. He doesn’t even need Congress. He simply has to exercise the same “prosecutorial discretion” that has jeopardized the rule of law under Obama.

Take all three of these as proof that the next four years are going to be bright ones for the United States.


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