The Unsung Hero Behind Trump’s Historic North Korean Summit

It is nearly absurd to highlight any “unsung heroes” of what went down in Singapore this week, merely because President Trump himself – the undisputed architect of this historic summit – is getting little to no credit in the mainstream media for what can only be described as one of the greatest steps toward peace in world history.

But if we concede that the left-wing media and the left-wing pundits and the globalists who control the narrative are never, EVER going to admit that President Trump did something right, then we may as well accept it and move on. We know the truth, and history will reflect that truth in time. Right now, the resistance to this unique President is too strong for the facts to cut through the noise.

Granting that, we would like to raise our glass to United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, who played an important, if quieter, role in getting us to the Singapore Summit over the last year. Haley has been a controversial figure among Trump’s supporters – her allegiance to the “old guard” way of doing things has occasionally seemed at odds with the goals of the administration. Additionally, it cannot be forgotten that she was in no way a strong proponent of candidate Trump back in the Republican primaries. Nonetheless, she has been a loyal and forceful voice for this president in the United Nations, and her role in bringing “maximum pressure” on North Korea cannot be ignored.

Earlier this year, Haley was instrumental in convincing all members of the UN Security Council to deliver some of the strongest economic sanctions yet against the rogue nuclear regime, a decision that undoubtedly pushed Kim Jong Un to the behavioral change we’ve witnessed since February. Decisive action on the part of the Trump administration left Kim with one of only two choices: Go to war or make peace. Wisely, he seems to have chosen the latter. Haley’s part in breaking the will of this defiant dictator should not be overlooked.

Haley’s greatest strength was in conveying U.S. demands to Security Council troublemakers like China and Russia. Without the cooperation of those nations – China, in particular – Tuesday’s summit would not have been possible. International sanctions mean nothing if we have countries unwilling to abide by the rules. For years, North Korea has been propped up by countries like the aforementioned two, who see in the sanctions an opportunity to defy the U.S. and profit off a dangerous situation. Haley’s ability to convince Putin and Xi that the North Korean nuclear threat was as serious for their nations as it was for the U.S.’s closest Pacific allies helped make the current situation a reality.

It can’t be easy to serve as an international ambassador under a leader as unpredictable and mercurial as President Trump; we have to admit that Nikki Haley has done a hell of a job.

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