This Reasonable Democrat Stood Up to Ilhan Omar. Now a Leftist Wants His Seat.

While the mainstream media loves to spend all of its time talking about the glories of people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her 2018 win, the truth is that the Democratic House victory last November would not have been possible without scores of conservative-to-moderate Democrats winning in flip districts across the country. You can argue whether or not last year’s election was truly a “blue wave,” but you cannot argue the facts: This was no special win for the progressive wing of the party.

That makes some people very unhappy, and the “puritans” of the Democratic Party – as Maureen Dowd called them this week – want to clean out the less-than-true-believers in the next election. And so that’s where Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) comes in. In his tenure in the House, he has opposed the Green New Deal, he has fought for more moderate solutions at the border, he has supported and endorsed our military vets, and he has promised to protect Social Security and Medicare from the fraudulent universal health care plans beloved by the hard left.

Oh, and as a Jewish lawmaker, he denounced Ilhan Omar and her anti-Semitic remarks about any congressman in Washington who supports Israel.

All of this has made him the perfect target for a left-wing primary challenge.

“New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a deep-pocketed leader among moderate Democrats in the House, is about to face a primary challenge from a local elected official who was campaigning for him just eight months ago,” reports Politico. “Arati Kreibich, a neuroscientist and freshman councilwoman from the Bergen County borough of Glen Rock, says Gottheimer had offered northern New Jersey’s 5th congressional District a chance to move on from seven terms of Republican Scott Garrett, who was by far the most conservative member of New Jersey’s House delegation.

“I campaigned for Josh. I had signs on my lawn. I did whole big get-out-the-vote canvas for him. I knocked on doors for him. I’ve of course been a supporter because I thought that was the way to move forward,” Kreibich told the news site. “But I’ve been incredibly disillusioned and disappointed by the kinds of decisions he’s making and not making.”

Politico reports that Kreibech is being supported by Anna Wong of the Indivisible group, a grassroots organization that was created specifically for the purpose of opposing Donald Trump.

Purity tests are the sort of thing that will further divide the Democratic Party and put the House back in the hands of the GOP. As such, we wish Kreibech well in her challenge. The more insane, anti-American, pro-socialist Democrats who join the race, the better for us.

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