Trump Actually Has Liberals Defending Fox News

Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly has accomplished the impossible. For the first time in recorded history, liberals are actually coming out of the woodwork to defend Kelly and her conservative cable network. A list of the strange things that have happened in the political universe over the last eight months would fill a library, but this may well be the strangest.

On CNN on Friday, Anderson Cooper hosted a panel of liberals who defended Kelly as an acclaimed, respected journalist and accused Trump of misogyny for constantly criticizing her on social media. These are the same liberals who have told us for years that Fox News is a haven for dumbed-down, racist, right-wing extremism. But now that Public Enemy #1 is in a fight with Public Enemy #2, it appears they’ve reconsidered two decades of monolithic propaganda. Now Fox News is a legitimate, mainstream source for news and opinion. Well, until Trump is out of the picture.

Fox News released a statement on Friday that said Trump was suffering from an “extreme, sick obsession” with Kelly. His attacks are “beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land,” they assured us.

The Trump campaign responded with a statement of their own:

“Megyn Kelly is a highly overrated reporter and anchor that constantly disparages Mr. Trump with negative and inaccurate reports. Despite the fact he wants nothing to do with her and will not appear on her show due to her extremely biased reporting, much of the program is about him anyway on a nightly basis.”

It’s not really clear what this sniping is doing for Trump, but it’s the best thing that ever happened to Kelly. In an instant, she’s become the media’s new shooting star, and you can see the hunger in her eyes for a place at one of the big three networks. And look, that’s fine. Plenty of people in the media are riding Trump’s coattails to a career heights. It’s just interesting to watch Fox’s longtime enemies suddenly rally around one of the channel’s biggest stars.

But that’s the magic of Donald Trump. He’s not just a threat to Democrats. He’s not just a threat to Republicans. He’s a threat to the establishment. He’s a threat to the media. They are so used to having our political discussions exist in a little circle that they are terrified of anyone who dares to color outside the lines. What will happen to our dominance if we let all of these simple Trump supporters actually have a say in our democracy? All of these uneducated rubes! They’re supposed to be so bored with politics that they just stay home in frustration! This guy’s ruining everything!

The silent majority is silent no more. And everyone is terrified.

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