Trump Administration Smashes Obama’s School Discipline Policy

In yet another sign that America is truly being made great again, officials from the Departments of Education and Justice announced Friday that it was curtains for the Obama-era policy forcing teachers to treat minorities differently when they break the rules in school. After a federal panel recommended scrapping the policy because of the role it played in the Parkland shooting, officials quickly implemented the recommendation, which has been widely criticized as permitting black and Hispanic students to get away with wildly inappropriate behavior nationwide.

“Our decision to rescind that guidance today makes it clear that discipline is a matter on which classroom teachers and local school leaders deserve and need autonomy,” said Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. “I would encourage them to continue to implement discipline reforms that they believe will foster improved outcomes for their students.”

President Obama’s Education Department unrolled the guidance in 2014 after racial groups complained that minorities were being unfairly targeted by school discipline policies. Under the Obama rules, schools were urged not to suspend or expel students of color unless there was simply no other option. The guidance rules were implemented after reports found that black students were far more likely to be the subject of disciplinary actions than white students. But the decision to take action ignored the most obvious implication – i.e., these students were simply breaking the rules more often.

Ah, but that’s something you simply cannot point out in PC America. If there is a racial imbalance in society that disfavors minorities, the ONLY appropriate response is to cry “white supremacy.” The ONLY appropriate response is to meddle with the punishments – be it arrests, imprisonments, or suspensions – until the playing field is even. If that means letting wrongdoers…wrongdo…then that’s just what it means.

Thankfully, Betsy DeVos’s leadership at the DOE is putting our country back on sane ground. The decision to roll back the 2014 guidance comes on the heels of the Title IX reform which will restore due process to our nation’s college campuses.

President Obama and his flunkies spent eight years turning this country into a social justice experiment. The Trump administration is now doing everything possible to right a badly flagging ship.

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