Trump Cuts Through Obama’s Anti-Energy Regulations

CNN reported Monday that President Trump would announce a new slate of executive orders rolling back many of the EPA regulations that have caused the U.S. to fall behind in energy production. The Obama administration enacted the regulations in an effort to combat climate change, but even supporters of his policies admit they will do little to reduce carbon emissions. In the meantime, they are costing states money and making life more expensive for everyone.

With Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA, there’s little doubt about the administration’s approach to climate change. Trump, both as president and as a candidate, has been a fierce skeptic of the climate change agenda, and Pruitt is on the same page. Under their helm, the EPA will not disappear. It will, however, be reigned in considerably from where it was allowed to go under Obama. And that’s an important step towards getting certain sectors of the economy moving again. Business owners – hell, entire industries – have been paralyzed by the last eight years of burdensome regulations.

There’s a reason the Dow Jones has skyrocketed under Trump, and it’s not because Wall Street really loves those red MAGA hats. It’s because they know he’s going to finally let the free market be the free market again.

Pruitt said that Trump’s energy plan will keep jobs at the forefront of any EPA regulation considerations, but he insisted that the administration still considered itself “pro-environment.” He also said that the Trump White House would not feel obligated to live up to the Paris Climate Agreement.

In an interview with ABC, Pruitt said Trump had the freedom to set the U.S. energy agenda, regardless of the agreement.

“The Clean Power Plan is not tethered to the Paris Accords,” he said. “And so this is an effort to undo the unlawful approach the previous administration engaged in, and to do it right going forward with the mindset of being pro-growth and pro-environment. And we can achieve both.”

Besides, Pruitt said, there was a very good chance that most elements of Obama’s Clean Power Plan would be stricken by the courts.

“This Clean Power Plan is something that the Supreme Court, as you know, has said is likely unlawful,” he said. “And so there’s been a stay against this Clean Power Plan. So our actions, starting on Tuesday, shortly after the executive order, will make sure that whatever steps we take in the future will be pro-growth, pro-environment, but within the framework of the Clean Air Act, and it will be legal.”

It remains to be seen if Trump can successfully work with Congress to see a truly inventive, conservative agenda through to its realization, but he’s doing an excellent job with what is under his control.

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