Trump: Democrats Won’t Keep Us From Building the Wall

In a tweet on Wednesday, President Donald Trump said that recent country victories had the Democrats reeling. With the Supreme Court overturning an injunction that now paves the way for the Trump administration to block asylum-seekers and other court rulings allowing the president to move forward with using Pentagon funds to secure the border, Trump said that even the obstructionist Democrats in the House could not prevent him from keeping his signature campaign promises.

“The Wall is going up very fast despite total Obstruction by Democrats in Congress, and elsewhere,” tweeted Trump.

“Build the Wall,” of course, made up the foundation of Trump’s 2016 campaign, and there is undoubtedly political concern in his inner circle that a failure to come through on that promise will hurt him at the polls next year. Thankfully, the release of more than $3 billion in military funds will make it easy for the administration to put up brand new barriers along the southern border, fulfilling the initial terms of the promise and setting Trump up for another electoral victory.

And…it doesn’t hurt that Democrats have gone in the complete opposite direction on border security, vowing to bring everything short of literal open borders to the United States if elected. At the presidential debates, nearly everyone in the top rung of contenders (save Joe Biden) expressed their support for decriminalizing the act of illegal immigration. That’s about as close as you can come to endorsing open borders without outright doing it, and their support of initiatives like sanctuary cities, ending deportations for all but the most hardened criminal aliens, and ramping up the U.S. acceptance of refugees is all of a piece. All part of a plot to destroy this country, whether purposefully or not.

But their opposition comes to naught, because the Trump administration is busy protecting the border.

“The Trump administration has stepped up the rebuilding of the dilapidated U.S.-Mexico border wall and is finally moving on new extensions of the 30-foot-high barrier as it aims to install 500 miles of a new ‘border system’ by the end of next year, officials said on Monday,” reported the Washington Examiner on Thursday. “Compared to the last wall building effort in 2006 under President George W. Bush, when it took two years to start digging on approved projects, the Trump administration has cut that to 9-11 months, said a senior administration official.”

Try as they have to stop him, Trump will not be deterred from his mission: To protect this country’s citizens from an invasion of illegal aliens. Let’s just pray that we get another four years of this, instead of the disastrous rollback than the Democrats have planned.

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