Trump Fires Back at Bill Clinton’s Insulting Remarks

Since the election, Donald Trump has gone out of his way to speak highly of Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. He has dismissed the “lock her up” narrative as a campaign tactic, he’s praised her for her service to the country, and he’s said that they are “good people” whom he “doesn’t want to hurt” with further investigations. A winning Trump is a magnanimous Trump.

But woe be unto you if you don’t accept his graciousness.

While Hillary has remained relatively quiet about her general election opponent since the upset heard ’round the world, her husband couldn’t resist getting his digs in. According to an editorial in the Bedford-Pound Ridge Record Review, Bill Clinton indulged shoppers at a New York bookstore with some thoughts about the election and the next president.

“He doesn’t know much,” Clinton said of Trump. “One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

Clinton went on to express astonishment that Trump would call him the day after the election with a conciliatory tone. “Like it happened 15 years ago,” he scoffed.

On Twitter, the president-elect responded to Clinton’s remarks by “correcting the record.”

“Bill Clinton stated that I called him after the election,” Trump wrote Tuesday. “Wrong, he called me (with a very nice congratulations). He ‘doesn’t know much,’ especially how to get people, even with an unlimited budget, out to vote in the vital swing states (and more). They focused on wrong states.”

A few points here. One, Trump is certainly right when he says the Clinton campaign botched their election strategy; their team thought Trump’s dream of turning the Great Lakes states blue was a joke. They finally caught on to what was happening in the closing days of the campaign, but it was much too little, much too late. Trump’s vote was baked in.

Two, why is it okay for Bill Clinton to talk about “angry white men” in this way? Can you imagine if Trump lost and blamed “angry black men” for his defeat? When did it become acceptable to talk about white voters like they’re a cancer on the United States? Maybe if the Democrats didn’t treat whites as the root of all Western evil, they would have won.

Frankly, Trump’s response to Clinton was much friendlier than it could have been, and that speaks volumes as to his state of mind. Our next president is determined to unify the country and his favorable attitude towards the Clintons and the Obamas are proof of that. No Republican in history has been as despised by the left as Trump. That he can rise above that hatred with positive, forward-thinking energy says something about his character – especially since we know how much he loves to get in there and mix it up.

Bill Clinton should take a step back before Trump decides that the Clintons aren’t such good people, after all.


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