Trump: It “Would Have Been Destructive” to Abandon Kavanaugh

In an interview with the Washington Examiner this week, President Trump said that he never once considered withdrawing his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, despite extraordinary pressure to do so. The president said that he could see the truth about what was happening to his Supreme Court nominee and knew that it would have disastrous consequences if he gave in to the Democrats’ demands.

“I felt it would be a horrible thing not to go through with this,” he told the Examiner. “The easier path would have been — you know we have some good people [waiting in the wings], they’re all amazing people. But I felt it would be so horrible and so unfair to him, I thought it would have been destructive, it would have been terrible.

“I thought he was treated very unfairly,” Trump continued. “This is a person that actually when I chose him, I said this would be very easy, he’s led an exemplary life. I mean, he’s never had a problem in his life, from being number one at Yale and number one at Yale Law School, number one in high school and everywhere, and all of a sudden this stuff came up at the end and totally, you know, uncorroborated.”

Things didn’t go as smoothly as the president predicted, of course. Not because Kavanaugh had lived a secret life of debauchery but because the Democrats had planned for a long time to make this the hill they died on. With the midterms looming in the not-too-distant future, Schumer rallied the troops, told them to give no quarter, and let them loose. And to a man, they did just that. Booker, Harris, Feinstein, Klobuchar, they gave it all they had. And when that turned out not to be enough, DiFi pulled a rabbit out of her hat named Christine Blasey Ford and we witnessed one of the most gruesome spectacles ever to unfold on Capitol Hill.

“You could see he was just — he couldn’t believe that this could be happening,” said Trump of his nominee. “Remember there was one time when they put something in front of him and he was reading and … he’s reading it and he’s just shaking his head because by this time it had started, this whole deal had started. And I knew what he was thinking, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me.'”

Asked if he ever thought about cutting Kavanaugh loose and moving on to another nominee, Trump conceded that many other Republican presidents might have taken that course of action.

“They would have abandoned,” he said. “That’s what people do. I think that’s what people do. Not only Republicans, but I think that’s what people do.”

He’s probably not wrong about that, but words cannot calculate how bad that would have been. It would have immediately justified the Democrats’ abhorrent tactics, giving them license to use them again and again. Now, instead, we have a fantastic new Supreme Court justice, we have the Democrats tipped back on their heels, and we may see the midterm elections go in a direction no one would have expected just a month ago. That’s why we loved Donald Trump and a candidate and why we love him as a president – he doesn’t back down. Ever. And that makes a huge difference.

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