Trump Restored Law By Reversing This Outrageous Obama Policy

If you could sum up President Trump’s agenda with one word, it would have to be “immigration.” No other subject was as crucial to Trump’s victory in the Republican primaries last year, and no other subject was as important to his final win over Hillary Clinton in November. The American people want to see this broken immigration system fixed once and for all, and the president is doing everything in his power to make sure he lives up to our expectations.

That doesn’t just mean advocating for The Wall, of course. It means giving immigration authorities the flexibility they need to do their jobs. It means hiring more Border Patrol agents to ensure that we are catching as many illegal entrants as we can. It means pressuring sanctuary cities into abandoning their anti-American policies and it means pressuring Congress into redesigning and adapting our legal immigration system for a new order of reality.

It also means undoing some of the damage done by the previous administration. In 2012, President Obama outlined new hardship rules that made it easier for illegal immigrants to stay in the United States despite having broken our sovereign laws. As long as they could prove that their deportation would leave an American family member in a dire situation, the federal government was happy to grant them a waiver. As one might expect, these waivers were handed out like candy. If you wanted one and you could afford a lawyer good enough to game the system, you got one.

Now those days are coming to an end. The Trump administration took steps this week to reverse the hardship policies of the previous president and restore sanity to the process. While the “hardship waiver” will still exist for those illegal immigrants who would truly put their dependents in a bad way if they were deported, federal agencies will be expected to vet these cases and only grant exemptions when they are warranted.

“This restores or comes close to restoring the traditional definition of that hardship and makes it more of a unique situation,” Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies told Polizette. “Like so many other things, this is a restoration of the way these things were handled.”

Is it enough? Some say that the hardship waivers should be eliminated entirely, seeing as how it essentially rewards those who come into the country illegally. While we agree with that point of view, these things have to be done in stages. And this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. Undo Obama’s attempts to grant amnesty from the Oval Office and then tackle the lawlessness that has been governing our immigration system for years.


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