Trump: “We Can Finally Change This Broken System”

Donald Trump delivered the RNC’s Weekly Republican Address this week, asking voters to elect both him and a Republican Congress for a better future.

“This is not just a campaign, it’s a movement,” Trump said. “It’s a once in a lifetime chance to take our government back from the donors and the special interests, and return the power to you, the American people.”

In the brief address, Trump summarized the highlights of his campaign promises, reminding voters of his plan to bring millions of new jobs to America, to repeal and replace Obamacare, and renegotiate the free trade deals that have left U.S. workers behind. He also touched on his vow to end the influx of Syrian refugees, rebuild the military, and offer real solutions to the African Americans left behind by the Democratic Party.

Trump closed his address with a renewed promise to live up to his outsider status and fix Washington.

“Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States, and if she were to win it would create a constitutional crisis like no other,” he said. “She’s under multiple federal investigations, has committed many crimes, including perjury, and she’s now facing the prospect of a federal indictment.

“It’s time to close the history books on the Clintons, and to open a bright new chapter focused on the great citizens of our country.”

Trump finished by asking Americans to vote for him “so that we can finally change this broken system and Make America Great Again.”

At this point in the game, most Americans are just ready for this election to be over. Trump supporters, Clinton supporters, and voters too disgusted by the last two years to even think about supporting either one. All of us are ready to turn the page and move on.

And by the end of Tuesday, it will all be history.

Gone…but not forgotten.

Because for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who attended Trump rallies and the millions who supported him from afar, this movement was about something bigger than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It was about taking a stand against the corruption and leftism eating away at our society. It was a chance to leave our children the kind of country we remember from our youth. A country that was, without any doubt, the greatest in the history of the world.

A loss on Tuesday would be hard to swallow, but no matter what, we should be proud about what we accomplished. We fought the good fight. We sent the Washington establishment a message heard round the world. We’ve been maligned and slandered, but we never lost our fighting spirit.

As long as we keep that spirit alive, we will keep America alive.

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