Trump’s Deal for Mueller: Ask Me About Collusion, Not Obstruction

According to President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, the president’s legal team has offered Special Counsel Robert Mueller an interview under one condition: That questions be limited only to the campaign’s contacts with Russia and not to the question of whether or not Trump obstructed justice after becoming president. In remarks to Bloomberg News, Giuliani said that the legal team was concerned that former administration officials such as James Comey could contradict Trump’s account of certain events, thus trapping the president in a perjury situation.

Trump and his supporters have maintained from the beginning that he has not obstructed the investigation, but Mueller may have a different view of the matter, especially given his tight relationship with Comey, whose firing resulted in the appointment of the special counsel in the first place. It has long been assumed that Mueller, unable to make a case for “collusion,” would fall back on the obstruction charge in order to avoid embarrassing himself and disappointing Democrats.

It is, of course, a matter of almost unbelievable absurdity to think that Trump could have broken the law by exercising his constitutional right to hire and fire administration officials – including the director of the FBI – at will. And if Mueller refuses to take this deal, it proves that he is far less interested in proving campaign collusion than he is in pursuing the phony obstruction case. Which is certainly a bizarre scenario, given that if there is no collusion to prove, then one can fairly wonder what Trump actually obstructed. Why SHOULD the president remain neutral and hands-off if his FBI director has consumed the nation’s top law enforcement agency with a partisan witch hunt? As far as we can see, it’s the president’s job to make sure his administration is working for the good of the American people and not as a political arm of the Democratic Party.

Furthermore, the president’s conditional interview offer is even more gracious considering what we now know about the FBI/DOJ’s actions during the 2016 election. After the public release of the FBI’s FISA application against Carter Page, it has never been more evident that this Russian collusion investigation was built on a political house of cards that is beginning to topple in spectacular fashion. Put that together with Peter Strzok’s vendetta against Trump, the weak, irrelevant case against Paul Manafort, and the fact that literally no one has come even close to being charged with colluding with the Russians, and it’s clearer than ever that it’s time for Mueller to wrap it up.

If he wants to talk to the president, now’s his chance. If he passes…well, it might be time to show Mueller and the 13 Angry Democrats the way to the door.

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