Trump’s Sanctuary Cities Plan is Nothing But Pure Genius

For the MAGA patriots who populate Reddit’s r/TheDonald, it used to be a popular meme to insist that Trump was playing “three-dimensional chess” with the left. Every time he seemed to “make a mistake” on the campaign trail or in the White House, it was an intentional move meant to draw out his opponents’ weaknesses, score more television coverage, and throw the contest into disarray. At the end of the day, Trump stands tall. A lot of people dismiss this kind of thinking as wishful, but sometimes you have to wonder. Trump may not always be in perfect control of his controversy, but he damn sure knows how to make the Democrats look ridiculous.

His newly-revealed plan to ship detained illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is just the latest example.

Nothing could better demonstrate just how unconventional Trump is as a Republican president. Not that we needed any reminders, but it’s hard to imagine any previous (or potential) GOP leader suggesting a move of this brilliance. It was not only a powerful shot across the bow at his Democratic opposition, it forced his political enemies into essentially falling into an argument that sounded a lot like, “But…but…WE don’t want them!” Classic.

Frankly, even though the logistics and the law may not allow Trump to follow through with his plan, it strikes us as the perfect resolution to a very difficult problem. Current congressional law (and a ridiculous court ruling or two) make it impossible for this administration to do anything with asylum-seekers other than send them on their way and hope they show up to their hearings. Most of them don’t. Most of them will just disappear into the shadows, make babies, and build up the Democratic Party voting base in the darkness.

Why shouldn’t Trump send them straight to those cities (and states, in the case of California) that claim to want them? What was it Nancy Pelosi said? That illegal immigrants were a “gift from God?” Fantastic. You’re not turning your nose up at God’s gift, are you? No, no, that would be inhumane as hell.

There’s also the fact that these sanctuary policies are part of what drives migrants north to the United States in the first place. If California, Chicago, NYC, and 300 other liberal wastelands are luring immigrants to this country with promises of sanctuary and protection, it is only fair that they be the ones to take these migrants in. Clothe them, feed them, and care for them.

And if the elitist wing of the Democratic Party electorate doesn’t like seeing hundreds of new Central Americans show up in downtown San Francisco every week…well, maybe they should take another look at their immigration beliefs.

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