Truth Exposed: FISA Application Was Filled With Deception and Omissions

Thanks to President Trump’s decision to declassify the FISA applications used to secure a surveillance warrant against former campaign advisor Carter Page (and FOIA requests from Judicial Watch and others), the Department of Justice released more than 400 pages of the application for the public to peruse on Saturday. And while the left is trying mightily to tell us that the full application – much of which remains redacted from view – confirms that there was nothing shady about the application process, anyone who actually reads the material with an objective eye will come to a much different conclusion.

A clear reading of the application reveals that the FBI engaged in deception and selective inclusion throughout the process in an effort to persuade the FISA court to issue a warrant. Furthermore, it proves that the FBI did indeed rely heavily upon Christopher Steele’s discredited dossier, which was a product of Hillary Clinton’s spin machine. And while they did inform the court, in a vague way, that Fusion GPS owner Glenn Simpson was “likely” gathering dossier material for political purposes, they did not spell out to the court that there was no “likely” about it. This was bought-and-paid-for political propaganda, the likes of which should have never been used for such a serious and constitutionally-shaky surveillance warrant.

That wasn’t the end of the FBI’s deception. In four separate renewal applications, the FBI insisted that a Yahoo News article could be used to corroborate Christopher Steele’s dossier findings. That would have been powerful evidence…if only the source for the Yahoo story hadn’t been Steele himself. The FBI told the court that they “did not believe” that Steele had spoken to Yahoo writer Michael Isikoff, thus giving them the second source they needed to back up the dossier’s conclusions. Think that might have swayed the court towards renewing the warrants? Of course it did.

Shame on the FBI for using this flimsy nonsense to secure a foreign surveillance warrant against an American citizen.

Shame on Loretta Lynch and Rod Rosenstein for signing their name to these absurd applications.

Shame on the judges of the FISA court for failing in their duty to closely scrutinize the available evidence, which would have led them to the unavoidable conclusion that the FBI was trying to pull a fast one.

And shame on the Democrat/Media alliance for outright lying to the American people in their attempt to make it seem as though these documents exonerate the FBI from wrongdoing. Fake news at its absolute worst.

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