Two Democrats Who Think Illegal Immigrants are Americans

With the DACA deal up in the air, we’ve heard from several Democrats who appear to be very confused about the difference between an American citizen and an illegal immigrant. Specifically, they don’t seem to think there’s any difference at all. No sooner had Sen. Dick Durbin proudly told reporters that he was devoting himself “full time” to the fight for amnesty (a declaration that must have been comforting for the people who voted him into office to represent their interests as citizens) then we have two more Democrats with bizarrely out-of-proportion sympathy for Obama’s so-called Dreamers.

First up, we have New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, one of those quasi-popular Democrats who thinks he’s setting himself up for a White House run in 2020. In an interview with CNN Wednesday, Booker made no distinction between the illegal immigrants whose fate is at stake in the DACA debate and actual American citizens.

“80 percent of Americans agree that these people, who are American citizens in every way but a piece of paper – these folks who fought for us in the military, who are our first responders, who are our teachers, who have been part of our community since our earliest years, they deserve better than this,” Booker said. “As we move forward, I am saying right now as one individual senator, I will not leave these Americans behind.”

His thoughts were echoed by the man who nearly torpedoed Hillary Clinton’s dreams of becoming the Democratic Party nominee in 2016, the self-styled socialist “Crazy” Bernie Sanders. On MSNBC, he said that the fight over amnesty was one of the most important items on the agenda.

“I think I speak for the vast majority of members of the Democratic caucus – we’re not going to desert these young people,” Sanders said. “This to my mind is one of the great moral crises of our time, these are young people who were raised in the United States, they spent almost their whole lives here, they know no other country.

“And as a result of Trump’s precipitous action in September, when he rescinded the executive order that Obama established, these young people will be subjected to the possibility of deportation,” he continued. “This is unspeakable. It is unacceptable.”

One of the great moral crises of our time? Unspeakable? Surely Sanders does not really believe that merely enforcing congressional law and delineating a legal difference between a U.S. citizen and an illegal immigrant meets these lofty standards of rhetoric, does he? Is he really THAT crazy?

It’s one thing to make the argument that these “Dreamers” should not be first in line for deportation. It’s even one thing to argue that they deserve some sort of protection from removal. It’s a whole different thing to say that it’s some kind of moral catastrophe that we would even consider enforcing the law. At the end of the day, whether these people are Navy SEALs or members of MS-13, they are not citizens and they are subject to deportation by the laws that govern our nation. Democrats sound like loons, if not traitorous revolutionaries, when they argue otherwise.

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