U.S., Japan, and China Align to Stop North Korea

President Trump reportedly made phone calls to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday morning as the aggressive rhetoric coming out of North Korea continued to accelerate.

With the Kim Jong Un regime apparently prepared to launch an ICBM in another show of military force, Trump spoke to the Asian leaders in an effort to reduce tensions and find a peaceful resolution to the growing crisis on the Korean peninsula.

According to Japanese military spokespeople, our Pacific allies are sending destroyers to link up with the USS Carl Vinson armada, currently sailing into Korean waters for a series of joint exercises. Reuters reports that South Korean military forces will be taking part in the exercises as well.

The movement of the warships drew another round of condemnation from the Kim Jong Un government. In commentary published in a North Korean state newspaper last week, the regime said the approach was “an extremely dangerous act by those who plan a nuclear war to invade.” The publication denounced the actions and said, “What’s only laid for aggressors is dead bodies.”

In Trump’s call with President Xi, the Chinese leader reiterated his country’s opposition to North Korea’s nuclear weapons development program. China’s state media TV station said Xi hoped “all parties will exercise restraint and avoid aggravating the situation.” Trump is trying to persuade China to put more economic pressure on North Korea, which could spare the U.S. from having to deal with Kim Jong Un using rockets and troops.

In Japan, Abe told reporters after his phone call with Trump that he was committed to stopping the North Korean threat before it spirals out of control.

“The North Korean nuclear and missile problem is an extremely serious security threat to not only the international community but also our country,” Abe said.

The U.S. and its allies are preparing for a possible North Korean nuclear test that could unfold as early as Tuesday to mark the national anniversary of its military. The regime has been known to mark special nationwide celebrations with demonstrations of military force. South Korea is said to be hunkering into a response posture in preparation for the test, which the Trump administration has strictly warned the Kim government against.

This lunatic regime has been threatening the U.S. and its allies with nuclear destruction for years, but now they are faced with a president who isn’t willing to sit by and exercise “patience.” Trump and his generals are determined to put an end to this crisis once and for all – before it develops into something that can’t be controlled.

This crisis has been allowed to grow worse due to weak American leadership and China’s unwillingness to clamp down hard on their client state. One half of that equation has been solved. Now we must wait and see if China prefers diplomacy to war.

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