University Says “Long Time, No See” is Offensive to Asians

There’s a brilliant (and, in this campus environment, quite courageous) column in Colorado State University’s Collegian newspaper this week. It’s written by Katrina Leibee, and whatever her larger political views might be, she’s dead on the money when it comes to the absurd chains of political correctness that modern colleges are trying to shackle their students with. In her piece, Leibee takes aim at some of the more ridiculous demands foisted upon incoming Colorado State freshmen as the administration attempts to cater to special interests groups on the left.

The Language Police, writes Leibee, need to take a chill pill.

From the column:

It is great for students to try to use inclusive language, but it has become an expectation of students. This expectation might not be entirely fair. We have been asked to get rid of the language we have been using for as long as we have known the English language.

We were told that the popular term “you guys” was not inclusive of all genders, and we should instead replace it with “y’all.” We were told to use the term “first-year” instead of “freshman,” because “freshman” is not inclusive of all genders.

After getting involved in residential leadership, I was told not to use the word “dorms,” and replace it with “residence halls.” Apparently, dorm refers to only a place where one sleeps, and residence hall refers to a place where we sleep, eat, study and participate in social activities.

But our absolute favorite line from Leibee’s piece?

“In a meeting with Zahra Al-Saloom, the director of Diversity and Inclusion at Associated Students of Colorado State University, she showed me an entire packet of words and phrases that were deemed non-inclusive. One of these phrases was ‘long time, no see,’ which is viewed as derogatory towards those of Asian descent.”


It’s only now that we’re beginning to feel a certain kind of weird pity for liberals who buy into all of this nonsense. We’re sure there are plenty of bad-faith actors out there who are trying to make a living by peddling this PC garbage. And there are others we feel less sympathetic for, because they use this crap as an excuse to constantly ride their high horse and tell others what to say and how to think. But then there are those who really believe that to use the phrase “you guys” is hurtful to women and that there are actually Asian-Americans who feel the sting of mockery when some white kid says “long time, no see.” They’ve been so brainwashed that they…they can’t even SEE how absolutely stupid all of this is.

“We should all consider the possibility that these words were not a problem until we made them a problem,” writes Leibee.

Beautifully said.

We expect she’ll be asked to resign from The Collegiate by week’s end.


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