Warren on Trump: He’s Encouraging His Supporters to Kill

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren was back out on the stump for Hillary Clinton this week, hoping to jazz up enthusiasm for the Democratic nominee where she needs it most: Among millennials. Hillary has been unable to patch up the gap left by Bernie Sanders, and many young liberals are choosing to go with Donald Trump, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson rather than her.

Speaking in Ohio, Warren watched as protesters interrupted her with chants like “DNC cheated.” Another protester called out: “Hillary is oligarchy!” When the protesters were removed by security, they began chanting their support for the Green Party candidate – “Jill not Hill, Jill not Hill…”

…And so on.

Warren took a break from her prepared remarks to address the disruption. “I actually think it is very important to talk about what’s happening in this race,” she said. “I know that presidential races can get intense. I know that people can sometimes say things they don’t mean. But Donald Trump has repeatedly invited his followers to commit a terrible act of violence on his opponents.”

Warren waited as her Ohio audience cheered this idiotic remark.

“He has invited them to kill another human being more than once,” she said.

The crowd booed in unison – not, apparently, to reject this kind of political recklessness, but in agreement with Warren’s outrageous proclamation.

“What kind of man does that?” she asked. “What kind of a man tries to hurt someone else, or get someone else to hurt someone else? I’ll tell you: It’s a nasty little bully who can’t win a fair fight.”

Warren was presumably referring to Trump’s “Second Amendment people” comment from a month ago, which the media construed as him recommending that Hillary Clinton be killed before she could appoint liberal Supreme Court justices. Trump also made a “see what happens then” remark last week in conjunction with telling Hillary to disarm her Secret Service detail. Incautious remarks? Yeah. Death threats? Calls to action? Not on this or any other planet.

But Warren’s comments (and the protesters) point to Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem right now. She simply isn’t connecting with young voters. Millennials are threatening her entire victory, and she’s now desperately rolling out Warren and Sanders in the hopes that they will come back to the fold. And in that desperation, Democrats are going to go the extra mile when it comes to demonizing Donald Trump.

They may find out too late that their own hyperbole is going to cost them the prize.

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