Washington Post: Berlin Massacre was Attack on Muslims

Leave it to the scumbags at the Washington Post to find a way to make the latest Islamic terrorist attack all about the plight of Muslims around the world. Every time one of these religious crackpots drives a truck into innocent shoppers, stabs college students, bombs a marathon, or flies a plane into a building, the American left insists that the real victims are not the dead; the real victims are peaceful, loving Muslims.

According to the Washington Post, the truck attack that killed 12 people in Berlin Monday night helped ISIS by “spreading fear and chaos in a Western country in hopes of sharpening the divide between Muslims and everyone else.”

From the paper:

Islamic State officials in recent months have urged supporters to carry out attacks in Germany by any means — including using nontraditional weapons such as trucks — with the aim of creating an anti-Muslim backlash in ­Europe’s biggest democracy. The resulting crackdown would benefit the Islamic State, the group argues, by dividing Europeans and driving wavering Muslims into the jihadists’ corner.

Okay, so let’s examine this.

First of all, we’re not even going to bother arguing against the paper’s claims about ISIS’s goals. The Islamic State and Al Qaeda have indeed made public declarations that more or less confirm that this is one of the benefits of Western attacks. The hope is that Muslims in those countries will feel so unwelcome that they will retreat to the caliphate and carry out terrorist attacks of their own.

This is what Western leaders like President Obama are referring to when they claim that Donald Trump and other Republicans are “recruiters” for ISIS. They insist that by using terms like “radical Islamic terrorism” and by suggesting a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration, hardliners are turning this into a West vs. Islam war that can only turn out badly.

They have a kernel of a point…but they’ve turned that kernel into a silo’s worth of popcorn that is totally unhinged from reality. Yes, it’s worthwhile to make the distinction between your average Western Muslim and a radicalized jihadist, but liberals have gone way overboard. Every attempt to fight back against these attacks winds up in the category of “falling into the ISIS trap.”

Oh no, don’t make fun of Mohammad, that’s just what the terrorists want!

Oh no, don’t block the refugee pipeline, that’s just what the terrorists want!

Don’t call it Islamic terrorism, just call it “extremism.”

After every attack, spend at least as much time worrying about “Islamophobia” as you do about the actual terrorists.

And so on.

They never seem to consider the possibility that ISIS might be shading the truth a bit when it comes to their intentions. You know, these people will kill babies, toss homosexuals off buildings, and drown Christians in cages, but they would never use deception against the West. No, everything they write about their goals must be absolutely true.

What a clever scheme. You can’t retaliate against us! It’ll only make us stronger!

You wouldn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to buy into this ridiculous propaganda, but yet…here we are.

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