WHAT DID HE SAY? Liberals Horrified by Trump’s Speech on Islam

With his speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia, President Trump broke from the previous administration in several rhetorical ways. The first, of course, being that Trump understood that there was no point to GIVING a speech if it wasn’t going to be centered around terrorism – a fact Barack Obama blatantly missed when he traveled to Egypt shortly after his inauguration…and continued to miss for the majority of his pathetic presidency.

No, Trump boldly mentioned terrorism more than 30 times in his speech before 50 of Saudi Arabia’s top Muslim leaders, much to the consternation of liberals around the globe. According to them, Trump has only succeeded in dividing the West from its Middle Eastern, Muslim allies, many of whom we depend on to further the fight against terrorist groups like ISIS. Well, to that we can only say: Tough. If these Muslims are so sensitive that they won’t fight ISIS unless we prostrate ourselves before their religion, then they must not have cared much about ISIS to begin with.

But that’s puzzling, since these same critics assure us that Muslims are the PRIMARY VICTIMS of Islamic terrorism. Weird! How could both be true? These Muslims are being killed by ISIS and al Qaeda and the rest…but they won’t fight back unless the American president praises Islam at every given opportunity? Um, okay.

Trump was perhaps more forgiving of Islam’s faults in Saudi Arabia than he has been in the past, but that’s understandable. You have to have a certain amount of state-craft when you’re visiting a Muslim country, obviously. It doesn’t do anyone any good for Trump to go to Riyadh and trash Islam. It might be entertaining, but it would create more problems than it would solve. That said, Trump’s speech was practically “anti-Islam” compared to anything we ever heard coming out of Obama’s trap.

Most importantly, Trump made it clear that it was up to these Muslim leaders to stand “together against the murder of innocent Muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of Jews, and the slaughter of Christians.” And he told them that it was their responsibility to drive terrorists out of “your places of worship, your communities, your holy land, and this earth.”

That it is, and Saudi Arabia needs to understand that more than any other ally the U.S. has right now.

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