What is “Trump Dossier” Group Trying to Hide From the American People?

Last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee demanded that Fusion GPS, the opposition research company that funded the much-ballyhooed (and largely discredited) dossier on Donald Trump, turn over all records pertaining to their work in the 2016 campaign. The dossier, which made a number of startling allegations about Trump’s involvement with Russian interests, was reportedly relied on by the FBI and other intelligence agencies to justify their investigation into the campaign’s supposed “collusion” with the Kremlin. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has stated repeatedly that he wants to get to the bottom of the firm’s work with a former British spy, and that includes discovering who was paying Fusion GPS to dig up unsubstantiated Russian dirt on the Republican nominee for president.

On Wednesday, Fusion GPS turned in thousands of documents to the committee. Unfortunately, a spokesman for the Senate Judiciary Committee says that those documents are a sham.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Judiciary Committee spokesman George Hartmann said, “The committee is reviewing the production received late this afternoon from Mr. Sampson, but virtually all of the documents appear to be merely news clippings rather than records of Fusion’s substantive communications.” In referencing “Mr. Sampson,” Hartmann is talking about Glenn Sampson, the founder of the firm.

Though the dossier made waves when it was first published by BuzzFeed in January, it has not been a major part of the Russian Collusion tale since. Once the media realized how fanciful most – if not all – of the allegations made in the report were, they quickly backed away from reporting on its contents or its relationship to the ongoing investigation.

Even so, reports that the FBI directly worked with the dossier’s author, former MI-6 spy Christopher Steele, and links between Fusion GPS and a Russian lawyer who met with Trump campaign associates last summer have inspired several congressional investigatory committees to do some digging.

But thus far, Sampson’s firm has been less than cooperative with the investigations. Sampson himself has resisted testifying before Congress, ultimately only relenting to a behind-closed-doors meeting after being served with a subpoena. That meeting has not yet taken place, and the document dump Fusion provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee this week proves that the firm is still doing everything possible to avoid revealing the truth to the American people.

Still unknown: Who was the GOP donor who hired Fusion GPS to go after Trump in the primaries last year? Who was the Democrat donor who picked up the contract after Trump became the Republican nominee? Where is Christopher Steele and what was the extent of his cooperation with the FBI? Did Fusion GPS trick Trump associates into meeting with Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya, with whom they reportedly had an advocacy relationship?

These questions must be answered. If Congress can’t get to the bottom of this tangled web, it’s up to Special Counsel Robert Mueller to do so.

That is, if his investigation is really about finding the truth.


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