Which Republicans Were On Virginia Shooter’s Kill List?

Sources told The Daily Caller and Fox News that when James Hodgkinson traveled to that Virginia baseball field last Wednesday, he wasn’t just planning on putting one Republican congressman in the hospital. According to their stories, Hodgkinson carried a list in his pocket of GOP officials he likely intended to kill that day. The FBI reportedly confirmed that the handwritten list was found shortly after the incident that resulted in injuries to five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

The names on the list were Reps. Mo Brooks of Alabama, Morgan Griffith of Virginia, Trent Franks of Arizona, Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, and Scot DesJarlais of Tennessee.

Officials continue to believe that the 66-year old Hodgkinson acted alone and without notifying anyone of his murderous plans. The shooter had a lengthy rap sheet filled with arrests for domestic violence and drunk driving and a social media history that pegged him as a hardcore leftist who was apparently driven to insanity by the election of Donald Trump. Or, perhaps more accurately, the liberal news media’s reaction to the election of Trump. He had reportedly been living, homelessly, in Alexandria for several months prior to the shooting.

While no one in their right mind believed for a second that this was just a random incident, the news of the list makes it clear that Hodgkinson went to the D.C. area with the intention of violently striking back at Republicans. This should put an end to the argument, heard often from Democrats, that this could have just as easily been a group of their politicians on the wrong side of the lunatic’s gun. This was politically-motivated violence, and there can be no further doubt about that fact. Now the question – the question Democrats really don’t want asked – is if they, and their cohorts in the media, are at least partially responsible.

And what answer can you arrive at, other than a resounding yes? It’s not that they’ve been relentlessly critical of Trump. That’s fine. Well, it’s not “fine,” but it is what it is. No, it’s that their criticism has gone far beyond the pale of reasonable political discourse. It has veered wildly into the realm of fake news time and again. It has a considerable percentage of Americans thinking there’s a racist Russian traitor in the White House planning to appoint himself dictator in the coming months. And we’re not talking about a few left-wing blogs, where you might expect that kind of hyperbole. This is the message we hear from outlets like Time Magazine, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, and, quite frankly, the Capitol Building.

That message, driven home day after day after day, cannot but inspire violence eventually. Now is the time for a great many left-wing agitators to do some self-reflection. Unfortunately, this is an opportunity they will almost certainly pass up.


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