Why Wasn’t Barack Obama Impeached for Obstructing Justice?

In the spring of last year, President Obama said in an interview that while Hillary Clinton had not shown great judgement in her use of a private email server, what she had done certainly did not rise to the level of criminal negligence. In fact, as Andrew McCarthy of National Review notes, Obama actually used the word “carelessness” to describe Clinton’s handling of classified material. A few months later, in his grandstanding exoneration speech, FBI Director James Comey just happened to use the term “extremely careless” in categorizing Clinton’s behavior.

Probably just a coincidence, huh?

Let’s remember that Comey’s justification for giving the public speech in the first place was that he did not trust Attorney General Loretta Lynch to properly handle the matter. Lynch had ruined what little credibility the administration had in this investigation when she met with former President Bill Clinton on her private plane in Arizona. For more than 20 minutes, the two huddled in secrecy as the FBI investigation into Clinton’s wife was winding its way to an end. The American people were asked to believe that this conversation never touched on any subject deeper than grandchildren.

Comey’s speech put the Obama administration in a tough spot. Because while Comey concluded that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against the former secretary of state, his speech laid out a tidy criminal case against her. She broke the law. Plain and simple. And as candidate Donald Trump said numerous times over the months, government officials have been jailed for much lesser offenses. If the subject of the investigation had been anyone other than the Democrats only hope to defeat Trump, there would have been a trial. No doubt about it.

So why wasn’t there?

The only conclusion one can reach is that the Justice Department and the FBI gave into the pressure. And where did that pressure come from? Where else COULD it have come from than the White House? All the pieces were right out there in the open, and the media blatantly chose to ignore them. There were no calls for Obama’s impeachment or Lynch’s resignation. The only thing the media cared about was that Hillary Clinton was cleared of charges; the rest, they told us, was just a Republican fantasy.

If they were right, then there is no way for them to now turn around and say that Donald Trump is guilty of obstructing justice. Even if the Comey memo is real, it is not illegal for the president to “hope” that the FBI will drop an investigation. Especially when the subject of said investigation is a former employee. What are we talking about here, if not the EXACT same situation as Obama was in the year prior? But since it’s Trump, it’s a whole different story. Funny how that works.

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