Will Electoral College Overthrow Trump’s Victory?

The liberal outcry against the Electoral College has reached epic proportions, but some Hillary Clinton supporters believe that the institution they despise could be the answer to their prayers. After all, the outcome of the election isn’t official until the members of the Electoral College cast their votes on December 19. Could desperate political activists persuade those Electors to vote against the will of the people and rob Donald J. Trump of the presidency?

In a year where the word “unprecedented” has lost a lot of its power, this would truly be an unprecedented event. Over the 240 years of the republic, there have been more than a hundred so-called “faithless electors” who voted for someone other than the candidate to which they were pledged, but these scattered rebellions have never had any impact on the actual result.

Reuters spoke to Daniel Brezenoff, who is circulating a petition to ask Electors to vote for Hillary Clinton. “Yes, I think it’s a longshot, but I also think we’re living in strange times,” said Brezenoff. “If it was ever plausible, it’s this year.”

So far, the odds look long indeed. The NeverTrump movement to get RNC delegates to change their vote was a longshot; this is a hail mary pass to the outer reaches of the solar system. The only piece of logic in the petitioners’ favor is Hillary’s lead in the popular vote. But while that can be used to argue for the abolition of the Electoral College, it’s not something you can use to say, “Hey, this isn’t fair, let’s do it this other way so we can win!” None of these fruitcakes would be asking Electors to betray their pledge if the situation were reversed.

Still, there is at least one member of the Electoral College strongly considering a rogue vote. Republican Art Sisneros of Texas told the AP: “As a Christian, I came to the conclusion that Mr. Trump is not biblically qualified for that office.”

Sisneros said he might choose to resign before Dec. 19 and let someone else take his place; he said there was no chance that he would vote for Hillary.

Dollars to doughnuts, this is not going to turn into anything. It makes no rational sense, Electors would have to go into witness protection, and it would throw the election to Congress, which would put the presidency in the hands of Donald Trump anyway.

If this is a preview of the liberal game plan for the next year, Trump’s agenda should soar through.

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