Windfall! Trump Hauls in $64 Million in Small Donations

Despite longstanding reports to the contrary, preliminary fundraising numbers for the Donald Trump campaign prove that the Republican nominee will not be at any significant financial disadvantage as he heads into a fierce battle with Hillary Clinton this fall. According to the figures, Trump raised a total of $84 million in July. Remarkably, $64 million of that came from small online donations, showing once again that Trump is the true heir to the grassroots spirit of Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders.

The fundraising numbers come at a time when many Republicans were concerned about Trump’s ability to wage a competitive campaign against the Clinton war machine. At the end of May, the campaign had only a little more than a million dollars on hand, sparking panic in the GOP. But over the next two months, Trump has tapped into his enormous support base for donations, and his supporters have heeded the call. He still lags Clinton – she raised $90 million in July – but not by much. And he’s certainly getting more free press than she is, even if the vast majority of it is negative.

And of course, the man is a billionaire.

While Trump is beginning to reach out to traditional Republican donors, this financial windfall means he won’t have to spend the next two months playing puppet for the GOP elites. Under ordinary circumstances, the party can wield money like a weapon, forcing the candidate to get in line with leadership demands. Trump, who has shown no willingness to be controlled, does not have to grovel to keep his campaign afloat. Skeptical donors can stay on the sidelines, and he may still have plenty of resources to win this thing.

For anyone who wants to see that happen, these numbers send a clear message. Trump’s central message is that our politicians have been bought by a variety of special interests, compromising their integrity. If we want to keep Trump clean of those compromises and still have a chance of winning, we must support him with more than words. We’re going to have to buy this election back from the globalists, hedge fund managers, and megacorporations that have rooted themselves in our democracy, and a donation to Trump is the only way to do that.

Let’s get to spending, and let’s take this country back!


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