Writer: Trump’s Travel Ban is “Existential Threat” to U.S.

According to James Zogby of the Arab American Institute, President Trump’s executive order banning travel from six Middle Eastern countries is nothing less than “an existential threat to America.” Zogby wrote in an op-ed for the Huffington Post that Trump’s travel ban was based on “the false premise that it is designed to protect Americans from foreign terrorists.”

“The Order, itself, is designed to set up Muslims as a ‘bogeyman’ in order to win support for Trump’s efforts to overhaul of the entire immigration/refugee program,” wrote Zogby. “Just as the ‘bogeyman’ of the Mexican rapist and drug dealer was used to justify the Wall and planned mass deportations, Muslim terrorists are being used to validate gutting the refugee program and limiting admission of ‘undesirables’ from North Africa, and Southwest and South Asia.”

Zogby’s not breaking any new ground when it comes to arguments against the travel ban (or arguments against immigration enforcement, for that matter). Like all the rest of his liberal brethren, he thinks it’s impossible to say, “Islamic terrorists tend to be Muslims” without being a horrible racist.

And frankly, if his argument is that terrorism is just a thinly-veiled excuse for this administration to keep regular, everyday thugs, criminals, welfare leeches, and all around ne’er-do-wells out of the country, then we say: Fine with us! If Zogby’s idea of “America” is the country that lets any old idiot resettle themselves in the U.S. where they can join a gang and live off the government, then we aren’t sad that his America is under an existential threat.

“The architects behind all of the Administration’s machinations are a small cadre of ultra-nationalist advisers who have argued that America is a white Judeo-Christian culture facing an existential threat from foreigners – specifically Latinos and Muslims,” he wrote. “They fear that ‘their’ country and its culture are at risk of being diluted and transformed and that action must be taken to save ‘America’, as they see it.”

Sorry, but the problem isn’t Latinos and Muslims, and no, no one in the Trump administration has made any such argument. The problem is, however, bigger than rapists and terrorists. About that, Zogby isn’t wrong. This is also about taking back U.S. sovereignty from a generation of globalists who had no respect for American exceptionalism. This is about rolling back the clock on the Obama administration’s reckless abdication of responsibility on the issue of national security. It’s a reminder to the world: Despite what you may have heard, the U.S. will vigorously defend her borders.

And if it’s now a social crime to claim cultural superiority over Central American dictatorships and Islamic wastelands in North Africa, then we’ll just have to plead guilty on that one.



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