Biden Says an Astounding 150 Million People Killed by Guns Since 2007

Damn, we knew there was a lot of gun violence in the United States, but we had no idea it had reached such epidemic levels. According to presidential candidate Joe Biden, nearly half the U.S. population was wiped out by firearms from 2007 to 2020. We’ve been steadfast supporters of the Second Amendment all along, but if THESE are the numbers we’re talking about, we see now that we were wrong. This is a national emergency that needs to be addressed by any means at our disposal!

Biden’s ridiculous gaffe came at Tuesday night’s Democratic debate as he tried to throw Bernie Sanders under the bus.

“Imagine if I stood here and said we give immunity to drug companies, we give immunity to tobacco companies,” Biden said. “That has caused carnage on our streets! A hundred and fifty million people have been killed since 2007, when Bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability! More than all the wars, including Vietnam, from that point on!”

Hell, Joe, more than all the wars going back to the beginning of human history!

In covering Biden’s claim, Politico noted with commendable understatement: “For the record, that’s impossible.”


The Biden campaign later clarified that the former vice president (of course) meant to say “150,000.”

It wouldn’t ordinarily be worth bringing up what was obviously a slip of the tongue, except that it’s always fun to mock Biden for his habit of translating common English into mashed potatoes. In this instance, though, Biden’s gaffe brings us to a pretty good question, which is: How much gun violence is too much?

Because this really gets to the heart of the gun control push, doesn’t it? Democrats are constantly citing (questionable) statistics to justify their extreme measures. They stretch the term “mass shooting” beyond the breaking point. They count “school shootings” that claimed no victims to bolster their numbers. They completely ignore the impact of suicide figures, which alone account for roughly half of our gun violence fatalities. They also like to downplay the effect of localized gang violence, which really has nothing to do with life anywhere else in the country. It’s a statistics game, and they’re very good at playing with the numbers.

But to return to our question: How many deaths is too many? What number can we reasonably shoot for (so to speak)? If 39,000 in a year is too many, what number would be just right? What number means WE DID IT – we solved the gun violence “epidemic”? 20,000? 10,000? Would Democrats stop trying to take our guns if only 10,000 people a year died from firearms, or no?

When you really stop to observe what’s going on here, you realize it doesn’t really matter if they say 150,000 or 150 million. They’re all just scare numbers meant to support an un-American agenda.

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