Dana Loesch: “Grotesque” That CNN Would Get Award for Gun Control Event

Last year, CNN took full advantage of the momentary gun control hysteria in America when they held a town hall event after the Parkland, Fl school shooting. For exploiting a town’s grief and using it to push their liberal agenda, the network was given the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism this week.

Anyone who watched this travesty, of course, knows that it had very little to do with journalism, excellent or otherwise. This was a show put on by cynical producers who wanted to squeeze every bit of juice out of students-turned-teenage-activists before the country moved on. It should have been given a Razzie, not a Cronkite award.

One observer who was particularly galled by the award was the NRA’s Dana Loesch, who attended the town hall show without fully knowing what she was getting into.

“When the producers cued me to walk into the arena it was to the Black Eyed Peas’ song ‘Let’s Get It Started,’ she tweeted. “I am completely serious. I was shocked and confused — while I knew I was taking questions, we were only told that day that I would actually be on stage.

“I showed up in good faith for genuine conversation knowing that at best, it would be a tough event,” she continued. “The lengths @CNNPR went to inflame emotions & exploit pain to *put on a show* is inexcusable, shameful, & it’s grotesque they’re celebrating getting an ‘award’ for their conduct.”

The event is remembered not because of the groundbreaking dialogue about the realities of gun control vs. the Second Amendment, but because of the confrontation between Stoneman Douglas student Cameron Kasky and Sen. Marco Rubio.

For one reason or another, the left-wing media was agog with adoration for the teenage activists and their arrogant willingness to get in the face of Republican politicians. This, despite having very little concept of the history of American gun freedoms nor any particular sense of the dangers that come along with widespread firearms bans of the type they wanted to see. They were young, they were granted immunity from criticism due to their survivor status, and this made for “good” television. At least, what passes for it on CNN.

Whatever ratings CNN got for the special was already more reward than they deserved for airing this garbage. For the show to now be recognized as a point of “excellence” in political news coverage is a blazing sign of just how far the business of journalism has fallen.

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