Democrats Don’t Have Much Use for Colorado School Shooting

While it took only moments for 2020 Democrats to tweet out their usual series of gun control demands in the wake of the Colorado STEM school shooting last week, the momentum didn’t last long. The latest school shooting is not destined to become the left’s newest version of Parkland, and that’s not just because of the much less sensational death toll. It’s because the facts of the Highlands Ranch shooting do not line up well with the Democratic Party’s agenda.

For one thing, the shooters, Devon Erickson and Maya McKinney, used handguns. That took away one of the major platforms upon which the Democrats enjoy standing in the wake of these tragedies. That platform, of course, is a war on the AR15 and its copycats. On almost every 2020 Democrat’s policy agenda is an “assault weapon” ban that would, theoretically, rid the country of these semiautomatic rifles. When a shooter uses another kind of gun – any other kind of gun – it really puts a damper on their parade. Apparently any gun can be a “weapon of war” if a demented individual chooses to use it that way.

The shooters themselves pose another problem. If only they could have walked into the school with MAGA caps and an agenda against Jews or Muslims or whoever else Trump’s supporters are supposed to hate. Instead, Devon Erickson marched into the school with purple hair, an affinity for Satanism, and a hatred of all things conservative and right-wing. Maya McKinney is an even more difficult case. Not only is she the daughter of an illegal alien, she apparently identifies as a boy, insisting that she be called “Alec” and referred to using male pronouns. That’s not the kind of character Democrats can do a lot with.

Finally, the students of Highlands Ranch STEM are not cooperating. There doesn’t appear to be a David Hogg or Emma Gonzalez in the whole bunch. In fact, students stormed out of a vigil for their fallen classmate last week when the organizers tried to make it all about gun control and electing Democrats. Chanting “mental health,” they left Moms Demand Action and state Democrats looking like complete fools on the stage. Turns out not every school shooting survivor believes that the answer to violence lies in the liberal agenda.

So we won’t hear much more about this tragic day in Colorado. There’s just not much there for the left – the media or the Democrats – to work with. They’ll wait patiently for the next tragedy to roll around. And when it does, they’ll be ready to seize the day. And the narrative.

And, if given half the chance, the guns.

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