FBI Director Addresses Myth of Biased Police

FBI Director James Comey is under fire for his politically-influenced handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation, but he deserves credit for bringing some common sense to the Black Lives Matter narrative. Speaking to the International Chiefs of Police Conference on Sunday, Comey said that a handful of videos were building a myth of racism in law enforcement.

“It is a narrative driven by video images of real and gut-wrenching misconduct, by images of possible misconduct, by images of perceived misconduct,” Comey said. “It’s a narrative given force by the awesome power of human empathy.”

But despite his sympathy for those who buy into that narrative, Comey insisted that there was no proof to suggest that “biased police are killing black men at epidemic rates.”

In truth, he said, a lack of data meant that we “actually have no idea if the number of black people or brown people or white people being shot by police is up, down or sideways over the last three years, five years, 10 years”.

Last week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the Justice Department would begin building a record of that data to help clarify exactly what was going on between police and the black community.

“Accurate and comprehensive data on the use of force by law enforcement is essential to an informed and productive discussion about community-police relations,” Lynch said in a statement. “The initiatives we are announcing today are vital efforts toward increasing transparency and building trust between law enforcement and the communities we serve.”

On Sunday, Comey said that more information was the key to putting out the fiery tensions between black activists and supporters of police.

“In the absence of information, we have anecdotes, we have videos, we have good people believing something terrible is happening in this country,” Comey said. “In a nation of almost one million sworn law enforcement officers, and tens of millions of police encounters every year, a small group of videos serves as proof of an epidemic.”

Unfortunately, we’ve already seen that liberals are immune to facts. We continue to see BLM protesters use names like Michael Brown as proof of their case, despite the evidence showing that his shooting was clearly justified. Many of their demands are detached from reality. The media treats every one of these videos as incontrovertible evidence of police misconduct…and no matter how much proof comes out to pole holes in that assumption, they never budge. This is why we have riots. This is why we have so much division. The truth is being exchanged for the narrative.

Empathy explains the protesters themselves; politics explains why no one will tell those protesters the truth.

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