Foster Family Forced to Give Up Their Guns

Kenneth and Colleen Shults, a foster family from Fairmont, Illinois, are suing their home state and accusing the Department of Children and Family Services of violating their constitutional rights. According to the lawsuit, the Illinois DCFS requires prospective foster families to either certify that they have no guns in the home or abide by overly-oppressive regulations. For Kenneth, who works as a firearms instructor, the regulations are not acceptable.

“Our family has always owned and used firearms,” he said in an interview with Fox News. “No foster parent should have to forfeit their constitutional rights.”

The Shultses say they are being forced to sign what’s called the Foster Family Firearms Arrangement. To meet the department’s requirements, they have to keep their guns and ammo in separate locations, make sure they all have trigger locks, and keep all guns locked away. Furthermore, the Shultses must either keep the key to their guns on them at all times or stash it somewhere off the property.

By instituting these requirements, the Illinois DCFS is essentially telling foster families that they cannot protect their children with firearms.

Our rights are not unlimited, and private organizations retain the ability to put restrictions on constitutional liberties under certain circumstances.

But that’s immaterial in this case, because this is an arm of the Illinois State government. Their restrictions represent a clear violation of the Second Amendment and go well beyond reasonable limitations. You can’t say, “Sure you can have a gun…as long as you render it completely useless,” and still pretend to be upholding the Constitution.

The government has an obvious interest in making sure they aren’t sending foster children into a dangerous environment, but those children are just as likely to be harmed in a car accident as they are by the guns owned by their adoptive parents. If we reached the point where the mere presence of guns is a warning sign, then we have gone too far.

The truth is, though, that we have reached that point. We’ve gotten here because liberals are on a single-minded mission to erase the Second Amendment from the Constitution, by hook or by crook. They are pushing and pushing, hoping that one day – with the right Supreme Court in place – they can disarm America. That dark day will feel like it came out of nowhere…but we’ll look back and see that our enemies were building to this conclusion all along.

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