GOP Candidate Makes “Snowflakes” Feel Unsafe With Replica Gun

Kansas Republican Kris Kobach sent liberals into a tailspin this weekend when he attended a local parade in a jeep with a replica gun mounted on the roof. Kobach, current secretary of state and a gubernatorial candidate, was having fun when he posted a photo of his ride on Twitter after the Old Shawnee Days parade was over.

“Had a blast riding in the Old Shawnee Days Parade in this souped up jeep with a replica gun,” he wrote. “Those who want to restrict the right to keep and bear arms are deeply misguided. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

But the mere sight of such a huge gun was enough to send some parade attendees into an hysterical frenzy, calling on Kobach to exercise better judgement. A local preacher – Johnny Lewis of Shawnee Community Christian Church – said that it was inappropriate to have the gun at an event where young children were present.

“Why was that necessary, sir?” Lewis asked on Facebook. “My child didn’t need that today. Don’t care what your position is on second amendment, that is completely unnecessary.”

Kobach, however, was in no mood to apologize. “The outrage over the replica gun on the back of a patriotic jeep is the left trying to attack guns and your #2A rights,” he wrote on Twitter. “I will not back down in the face of a snowflake meltdown and outrage culture.”

The city of Shawnee, however, apparently thought that some great harm had been done to attending families and chose to apologize publicly for Kobach’s appearance.

“Please know that the safety of our residents is always our highest priority and we apologize if this made anyone feel unsafe or unsettled,” the city wrote. “We will be taking steps in the future to try to ensure something similar does not happen again.”

It drives us up the wall that this definition of “unsafe” is taking hold in mainstream culture. It’s one thing for this nonsense to be used in left-wing college classrooms and Tumblr blogs; it’s quite another for a city representative to use it in an official tweet. We’re quite sure that no one attending this parade was ever “unsafe” due to the fake gun on Kobach’s jeep. Quite literally, they were in more danger from the jeep itself.

Alas, since there is no political contingency trying to ban jeeps, we don’t hear about all the parade participants who were made to feel “unsafe” because of its presence at the event. If Islamic vehicle slaughters got a third of the media attention as mass shootings, perhaps it would be different.

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