Hollywood Vs. Guns: This Time, It’s Personal

In a world…where posh Hollywood celebrities feel they haven’t done enough to push their liberal values on mainstream America…a few brave elitists are joining forces with a few other brave elitists…to turn a dumb, violent citizenry away from guns…

Put away the popcorn, this isn’t a movie. According to a new article in Variety, Hollywood stars, producers, and studios are looking to infuse their movies and TV shows with anti-gun propaganda. In fact, it’s already happening:

In the latest season of “House of Cards,” first lady Claire Underwood champions new gun laws with the help of a group called Families for Gun Reform.

The group is fictitious — as is Underwood’s political brinkmanship to outwit the NRA. But go to familiesforgunreform.com, and you’ll be redirected to the site of the very real organization Everytown for Gun Safety, launched by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Everytown didn’t just buy up the Families for Gun Reform URL, the group collaborated with “House of Cards” writers “to make sure they got it right,” according to the organization’s president, John Feinblatt. In fact, Feinblatt consulted on the script regarding issues of gun legislation and violence.

So, House of Cards fans…did you know that plotline was not only developed in conjunction with the nation’s biggest anti-gun lobby but actually – to some extent – written by them?

Can you imagine the scandal if they had consulted with the NRA instead?

But of course, liberal values always get a pass, no matter how indecently they are promoted. And knowing this, Hollywood is preparing to do a lot more of this kind of thing.

In the Variety article, they talk to Julianne Moore, an actress who has conspired with Everytown to form the Creative Council – a cabal comprised of more than 100 anti-gun celebrities. “I think the culture is changing,” she told the magazine. “People are thinking, it’s time to step up.”

The magazine then celebrates Moore’s courage:

When she tweeted support of a series of anti-gun-violence measures announced in January by President Obama, she received some irate — and vulgar — responses.

Vulgar responses? On the internet? Nooooo.

You want to point and laugh, but these liberals have an extraordinary amount of influence over the culture. If they march in lockstep, they have the power to basically decide what’s “cool,” what’s “normal,” and what’s “wrong.” And if Hollywood – after building an empire off the glorification of gun violence – suddenly decides to treat gun ownership along the same lines as, say, ownership of child porn, it’s going to move the needle in a big way.

That’s not going to happen all at once, of course. These studios are going to choose the stack of money over their liberal principles every time, so fictional gun violence is here to stay. But even if they start sending these messages in subtle, consistent ways – you know, so they can make their money and sit on their high horse simultaneously – we could see significant changes in public opinion over the next decade.

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