Liberals Slam MO Gun Bill as Modern “Lynching”

This week, the Missouri legislature passed a new gun bill that would dramatically increase the strength of the Second Amendment. The bill, vigorously opposed by national gun-control groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, will now go to Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat who has yet to indicate whether or not he will sign it into law.

The bill would lower the barrier for Missouri residents to obtain a concealed carry license, expand Stand Your Ground laws, and extend Castle Doctrine protections.

The measures have been criticized for all the usual gun-control reasons, but Democrats have also latched onto the Stand Your Ground provisions to make it look like the legislation is racist.

“To me, this is modern-day lynching,” said Democrat State Rep. Kimberly Gardner. “This bill would allow open season for vigilante-style behavior and put all of us at risk.”

Of course, no one has the guts to bring up the extraordinary disparity in white/black crime. According to 2012 crime statistics, white murderers accounted for 32.4% of all homicide arrests in Missouri. Blacks, meanwhile, accounted for 60.5% of those arrests. So it’s a bit rich to worry that the bill will make blacks less safe. Why, other than reverse-racism, would the government not acknowledge that whites have an interest in protecting themselves from black crime?

That kind of argument sounds offensive in 2016, but the Democrats brought up race, not conservatives. They love to do this, by the way. No matter what the issue is, they make it their goal to frame the argument so the other side can’t effectively respond. They don’t want to fight using facts, because they’ll never get anywhere.

This is the problem with political correctness. It’s not about retaining the right to tell racist jokes at the lunch table. It’s about making sure that we aren’t censoring one side of the debate. Liberals want to put barriers up that make it impossible to thoroughly discuss a topic. If they can drag in slavery or Jim Crow – no matter how labored the comparison might be – they know they can win over voters with more heart than brains.

Republicans, perhaps, should get better at this sort of emotional warfare. We need to play the game to some degree. Conservatives naturally loathe arguments that lack logic and common sense, but let’s remember that the vast majority of Americans are driven by what “feels” right. Capturing these Americans with tables and charts and statistics simply isn’t going to work. We need to grab them by the gut.


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